5 Easy & Festive 2-Ingredient Fall Mocktails

Despite the fact that it’s still boiling hot in 75% of the world, I am ready for fall. This means fall decor, food, and activities are at the top of my mind.

One way I love to incorporate seasonal touches into my life is with mocktails. Drinking is cool (if you’re over 21, of course), but my (iconic and well-noted) gastrointestinal issues keep me from sippin’ the sauce too often. I ended up loving and regularly making my two-ingredient mocktails for summer so I knew I had to create a list for my favorite season. This is my slurpable love letter to September through November. Enjoy these easy fall mocktails!

fall mocktail

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Milk & Polar Original

Take the best chocolate milk and add a splash of our favorite plain seltzer from Polar for an easy, homemade riff on an egg cream. This is perfect for fall because it reminds me of New York City (where the drink originated). Everyone knows the best time to be in NYC is fall! Drinking this will make it feel like you’re wearing a light jacket while sitting at a deli counter and enjoying Reuben.

fall mocktails

Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale & Braswell’s Select Apple Butter

This is the perfect fall mocktail to have from Thanksgiving until Christmas. It’s so holiday-forward. Whisking up cranberry ginger ale Canada Dry with a spoonful of Braswell’s apple butter is the perfect seasonal drink if you’re into sweet, spritzy beverages.

2-ingredient mocktail

Celsius Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear & Tejava Unsweetened Original Black Tea

Think of this as a non-alcoholic fall-flavored Four Loko. We really liked this Celsius flavor when we conducted our taste test of all the Celsius flavors—it really tastes like sweet apple cider, but caffeinated. Pairing it with Tejava unsweetened iced tea (one of the best ice teas in our opinion) helps mellow out the sweetness and gives you even more caffeine! This is a fall mocktail you enjoy the morning of Thanksgiving when you have to cook all day and need extra energy.

2-ingredient recipes

Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider & Coffee mate Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

I’m taking inspiration from Utah-based soda shops on this one. By mixing our favorite sparkling apple cider with our favorite pumpkin spice creamer (just a splash), you get a lightly creamy, gently fizzy, and very seasonal treat. Please try this fall mocktail before you knock it.

fall mocktails

Dos Equis Lime & Salt Zero Non-Alcoholic & Clamato

If you’re a savory drink lover, make a beer-less Michelada with Dos Equis Lime & Salt Zero and Clamato clam-infused tomato juice. It’s acidic, tangy, and salty. Plus, I like this non-alcoholic beer more than regular beer.

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