A Frozen Fruit Popsicle Taste Test with Stevie!

Back in the summer of 2019, Rhett & Link took a breather and Good Mythical Morning‘s own Stevie Wynne Levine, along with Courtney Miller from Smosh, stepped in to taste fruit-flavored popsicles. Stevie confessed that she’s “not a huge fruit person,” but, you guys, I think Stevie may have a newfound love of fruit after this episode…or at least the kind that’s frozen and comes on a stick. Let’s make like some kids at the pool and dive in!

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Helados Mexico – Mango

These popsicles contain milk and cream, so they’re a bit different from most of the others Stevie and Courtney tried. At first glance, Courtney observed that they look “nice and soft” and “so creamy.” Stevie was very excited about this popsicle for that exact reason. Was it warranted? Meh. Stevie liked the creaminess of this bar but wasn’t so sure about the fruit. Courtney liked the mangoness of it all but didn’t vibe with the whole dairy aspect. You can see the dilemma here. This one ended up ranking last.

Outshine Fruit Bars – Strawberry

Stevie’s first reaction—right after admitting to not liking fruit all that much, I might add—was, “Mmmm…that’s a good popsicle.” Courtney pointed out the chunks of strawberry in this bar, and loved it. Stevie was still reeling over the fact that she liked a fruit thing and said, “Oh my lord. I actually really like this. Maybe I do like fruit.” Let the record show that Outshine turned Stevie into a fruit believer.

Whole Foods 365 Fruit Bar – Lime

Courtney was skeptical at first, saying that she would eat a whole lemon (why? “just to do it”) but doesn’t like lemon and lime cakes and popsicles that much. Did this popsicle change her mind? No. Because anything other than a straight-up lime is upsetting to her. But Stevie absolutely loved it! So they compromised and ranked it somewhere in the middle.

Solero Crushed Fruit Bars – Coconut

After a lengthy debate about whether coconut is actually a fruit, Mythical Crew member Davin swooped in to confirm that it does, in fact, belong in this taste test. Courtney let everyone know that she only likes coconut on two things: doughnuts and acai bowls. Did this popsicle add a third thing to her list? Well, after carefully examining Chase’s arm rash (yes, it was that kind of episode), they decided that this bar is actually pretty good! It’s nice and creamy and not super sweet. Courtney decided it’s a “chill, laid back” popsicle, which put it at a solid #3.

Popsicle Orange, Cherry, Grape – Cherry

The girls’ first reactions to this nostalgic pop? Stevie said, “Mmmm, that’s good,” while Courtney said, “That’s delicious.” Courtney then promptly got “braim preeze and peef preeze” at the same time (for those confused, that’s what “brain freeze” and “teeth freeze” sound like when you have brain freeze and teeth freeze). They did point out that the sugar content in this was probably pretty high compared to Outshine, making them maybe a bit less healthy, but purely based on “taste pleasure” (what a metric), they put it pretty high up.

Trader Joe’s Fruit Frenzy Bars – Raspberry, Lemon, and Strawberry

Unsurprisingly, TJ’s came out on top this time (actually it was a little surprising; I just really like Trader Joe’s). Stevie thought these popsicles looked like a fancier version of “rocket pops” (I think she meant Bomb Pops, but it’s okay, Stevie, I only know that because it’s my job to know these things). Courtney’s reaction was, “Ugh, that’s so good.” They both thought this bar tasted a bit like the Outshine bar, but with three great flavors instead of just one. After an extensive tasting of all three flavors in this bar, separately and then together, Stevie concluded that “this is her favorite one—period.” Courtney agreed, and also thought this bar was just visually stunning, so naturally it took the top spot.

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  • I’m so glad you tried out the Trader Joe’s Fruit Frenzy Bars, they sound delicious! Did you notice any difference in the flavors between the raspberry, lemon, and strawberry? They all taste the same to me xD