Healthy Candy? Our Review of Alani Gummies

Alani, the energy drink brand that’s given us everything from a bev that tastes like stardust to a pink lemonade promoted by a pantsless Kardashian, has entered the candy space. That’s right. Alani gummies have hit stores, and they’re banking on the idea that people want gummy candy that they can feel better about eating because it has less sugar and, therefore, fewer calories than regular gummy candy. But does less sugar mean less flavor? We grabbed the new Alani gummies in two varieties—Alani Smoothie Gummy Rings and Alani Gummy Bears—and tasted them to find out whether they still scratch that candy itch.

alani gummy bears review

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Alani Gummi Gummy Bears

Alani Gummy Bears only have 80 calories and 2 grams of sugar a serving, and a serving is an entire bag, which is nice. They’re cute, too. They’re shaped like little weight-lifting bears. Do you want to think about exercising while you’re eating candy? Maybe you do! If so, this is the “better for you” candy for you.

Pros: In addition to being very cute, these Alani gummies have an excellent squish that definitely satisfies if you’re in the mood for gummy candy. I love that you can eat a whole bag rather than counting bears to track calories—just dig in and don’t worry about it.

Cons: Alani Gummy Bears are low sugar and they taste low sugar. They are very mildly sweet—if you’re craving sweets, these may or may not do the trick. While they do contain some sugar, they’re mostly sweetened with allulose and other alternatives and those alternative sweeteners definitely have a bit of an aftertaste that lingers on your tongue. Also, there are three flavors in the bag—grape, fruit punch, and watermelon—but I could barely tell them apart. I have to be honest: These remind me a little bit of gummy vitamins.

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alani gummi smoothie gummy rings

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Alani Gummi Smoothie Gummy Rings

Alani Smoothie Gummy Rings might not be as cute as the gummy bears, but they definitely taste better. They have the same nutrition stats, too: 80 calories and 2 grams of sugar per serving (a whole bag).

Pros: These are remarkably sweeter than the Alani gummy bears and they taste better as a result. They have good squish and fruity tang, although the flavors are still kind of tough to decipher. That said, I’d definitely buy these again.

Cons: Even though these Alani gummies, like the gummy bears, only have 80 cals and 2 grams of sugar, they’re still pretty high in carbs (34 grams). I could see that being a deal-breaker for a lot people looking for an alternative to regular ol’ candy.




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