Aldi Presents an Easter Classic: Kettle Corn?

We all know the classic Easter treats. You’ve got your chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallows, eggs, and…kettle corn? Aldi snack brand Clancy’s is blazing a new trail in the Easter snack realm, and people are already into it.

In an obvious play for Peeps fans, one of their new varieties of moose munch-style kettle corn is doused in a marshmallow drizzle. The other is a little more controversial, purporting to be a carrot cake kettle corn drizzled in a cream cheese frosting.  

As someone who doesn’t really know all of the Easter lore, I wasn’t sure if carrot cake was part of the Easter food canon, but then it hit me. Easter bunnies hide eggs, which involves a lot of hopping. They need energy for that hopping, bunnies need to eat to have energy, and what do bunnies eat? Carrots. What is a carrot-based flavor we could use on a sweet popcorn product that people will actually buy? Carrot cake. Mystery solved. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Customers who’ve been able to get their hands on these corn creations this week say that they are extremely good. As someone who is usually a savory snack person, I’m intrigued. Are these a sweet-and-salty snackin’ situation like regular kettle corn or yogurt-covered pretzels? Or are they more of a sugar-on-sugar explosion, which, let’s be honest, certainly has its place but doesn’t make for an all-the-time kind of snack for most people. A couple of years ago, Aldi released a birthday cake popcorn that supposedly tasted kind of like those pink and white frosted animal cookies that absolutely slap. What if the carrot cake ones are just like that but with some warm spices and a cream cheesy tang? That honestly sounds divine. If these kettle corn flavors turn out to be anything like that, I’m in.

Also, as a side note, I just want to point out that I made it all the way to the end of this article without making any corny jokes, so mad pops to me. 

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