6 Festive Aldi Finds We Can’t Wait to Try This November

Guess what? It’s that time of year again. What time of year, you ask? Why it’s almost November, that’s what time. And that means Aldi is here with all their new November (aka holiday season) Aldi Finds for our holiday snacking pleasure. So get ready, because this holiday season Aldi truly has all dis.

Winternacht Marzipan Stollen

Yep, what you’re reading is true. You can get your big ol’ traditional German Stollen at Aldi this year instead of making it yourself (which I’m sure you do every year, because you are so on top of things). And don’t worry, Aldi didn’t pilfer this loaf from a Trader Joe’s—it is actually pronounced shtolen, so we can be pretty sure there was no pilfering involved in the making of this bread…probably. And if you are wondering what this even is, Stollen is a sweet German bread that is peppered with dried fruits and has a sweet marzipan cylinder going down the middle, so every slice has a lil circle of deliciousness. This is truly one of the best Aldi finds to add to your list this season. ($6.75, available November 2)

Choceur Winter Clusters

Now, this is sort of unclear from the name, but these Aldi seasonal bad boys are actually dark chocolate-peppermint cookie clusters, and there is not a single bad thing in that group of words. ($3.95, available November 2)

Dark or Peppermint Drizzled Kettle Corn

I didn’t know this, but apparently, at this time of year Aldi offers both dark chocolate-drizzled kettle corn and peppermint white chocolate-drizzled popcorn, and I would not be mad if someone offered me either one of those. ($2.29, available November 2)

Winternacht Panettone

If you like to spend the holidays honoring Italian tradish instead of German, never fear—Aldi has a Panettone for your table this year. For the uninitiated, panettone is a sweet, eggy Italian bread with dried fruit in it. It kind of looks like a gigantic muffin but tastes nothing like a muffin. Definitely a top-notch contender when it comes to choosing Aldi finds that you may not have tried before. ($5.99, available November 2)

Winternacht Soft Gingerbread

YOU GUYS. THEY HAVE SOFT GINGERBREAD. I am a firm believer in soft gingerbread, whether that comes in the form of a moist pound cake-esque spice bread, a cakey cookie, or a dense chewy cookie. Just none of that crunchy stuff for me, thanks. And this year Aldi has both iced and chocolate-covered soft gingerbread, so I may just be honor-bound to buy all of it. Damn you, Aldi seasonal products, for destroying my credit card bill. ($2.99, available November 2)

Benton’s Candy Cane Sandwich Cremes

These things are basically peppermint Oreos. I like peppermint and love Oreos, and according to the associative property of sandwich cookies that means I would probably like/love these. So if you are an Oreo and peppermint fan, you probably will, too. ($2.69, available November 2)

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