Aldi Haul! What to Pick Up for St. Patrick’s Day

I went to Aldi in search of what to buy for St. Patrick’s Day and, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Not that I thought they wouldn’t have anything. I just didn’t expect it to be this great. These things are cute, festive, and practical. You really can’t ask for more than the goods in this Aldi haul, especially when my usual grocery store doesn’t even bother stocking stuff for St. Paddy’s Day. Let’s dig in and see just how well Aldi did with their St. Patrick’s Day holiday prep.

Clancy’s Lucky Crunch Snack Mix

Like, look at this! This Aldi St. Patrick’s Day snack mix is cute as hell. And you can do so much with it. Down a tub by yourself, buy a few to serve at a party, or put it out in a bowl on your desk so your coworkers can’t accuse you of being a scrooge for even the smallest holiday. There’s no way you can’t win with this snack mix, and it looks just as tasty as it is festive.

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Moser Roth St. Patrick’s Day Assorted Chocolate Truffles

These also Aldi St. Patrick’s Day chocolate truffles also work in the aforementioned scenarios—and they’re fancy to boot. Seriously, put these out for your coworkers and they’ll see you in a new light. There are four flavors of truffles: chocolate cream, Irish coffee flavor, salted caramel, and vanilla, and we’re kind of dying to try the Irish coffee one.

Brookdale Homestyle Corned Beef Hash

Okay, this is more an option for feeding yourself on St. Patrick’s Day than it is a fun, festive St. Patrick’s Day find, but if you drink a green while you eat this canned corned beef hash, you’re more likely to have a good time. Fry this up with a side of eggs and a slice of toast to start your day on the right foot before it goes downhill with all the drinking you’re about to do. At least you started with good intentions!

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Countryside Creamery Pure Irish Butter

I’m not here trying to recommend Irish butter for St. Patrick’s Day just just because it’s Irish; it also lends itself nicely to other things we’ll be digging into. Toast with your corned beef hash? That’ll need some butter. A mound of mashed potatoes? That’ll need some butter. A cute little cheese and butter board for your St. Patrick’s Day party? That’ll need some butter (obviously). So grab a bit of Irish butter when you’re at Aldi so you’re ready for a fat-filled day of celebration.

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Limited Edition Lucky Charms

This is incredibly low hanging fruit, I’ll admit, but this recommendation goes beyond just having a leprechaun as a mascot. This box is green. Oooooh, ahhhh. So magical! In all seriousness, though it is green, it is festive, and it’s a great way to get a quick breakfast when you don’t want to fry up an entire can of corned beef hash. Or have on hand for your post-bar snacking. Either way, this seems like a quick win for the day.

The Frozen Bean St. Patrick’s Frappé Mix

This frappe mix dual purpose: You can use it to make a minty frappé or, as the box highlights, a cooling milkshake instead. This seems like a great thing to have on hand for an easy dessert when you can’t be bothered to come up with the perfect St. Patrick’s Day-themed dessert (why does it seem so hard?). Whip this up for your kids and then spike a cup of it with a little booze for yourself—I won’t snitch!

Connellys Country Cream Liqueur

Speaking of liquor, Aldi has a cream liqueur in stock that’ll take you from sunup to sunset. Connellys country cream comes in three flavors, original, caramel, and the most festive, mint chocolate. Grab a bottle and make an Irish coffee in the morning, mix a bit into your frappé at lunch, or take a shot before you head out to the bar.

Benton’s Mint Chocolate Sandwich Cremes

On paper, these Aldi cookies don’t have much of a connection to St. Patrick’s Day. They’re just knock-off Oreos. But they’re green knock off Oreos, and that makes them appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, Aldi had them next to the other St. Patrick’s Day snacks so that’s enough to seal the deal for me. Stock up on these if you’re a mint lover or you just something to fill some extra space on the St. Patrick’s Day party snack table.

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