An Honest Review of the New Barbie x Swoon Pink Lemonade

Break out your impossibly high heels, get rid of your nipples, and hop in your dream car, because this summer is all about Barbie—and that extends to your refrigerator. In anticipation of the July 21 release of Barbie, the movie, Barbie, the brand, has partnered with zero sugar drink company Swoon to launch a zero sugar pink (because Barbie, duh) lemonade. 

Sold in a hot pink can, the lemonade is sweetened with monk fruit sweetener instead of sugar. And it’s a do-gooder beverage, too. Swoon has committed to donating 10% of sales of the lemonade to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, which helps empower young girls to be leaders through skill development aid and opportunities. But does it taste good? We gave it a try. 

barbie x swoon pink lemonade

New Product!

Barbie x Swoon Pink Lemonade

Upon first sip I didn’t like this pink lemonade. All I tasted was sweet, which makes sense since monk fruit sweetener is so much sweeter than regular sugar. But then I took another sip. And another. The more I drank it, the more I liked it. It tastes a lot like sweetened lemon juice with a hint of pink—not strawberry, like the graphic on the can might have you think, but pink. I almost get a beet sugar flavor from it. Whatever it is, it tastes like pink. If you’re used to drinking zero sugar products, I think you’ll like this non-carbonated lemonade. If you’re a full-sugar type, it might take you a few sips to get used to it. The colder the better—it highlights the acidity and the tang. I won’t be buying this pink lemonade and it won’t be making the jump to our best lemonade ranking, but I will drink it if it’s given to me. If you’re looking to complete a full Barbie lifestyle or just thirsty for lemonade and want something sugar-free, I think this will satisfy you.

Credit: Liv Averett / Swoon




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