Molly Yeh’s 5 Favorite Allergy-Sensitive Products to Buy at the Grocery Store

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, and in honor of that, we talked to food blogger, TV personality, and cookbook author Molly Yeh who recently teamed up with MadeGood to create a recipe collection featuring easy, accessible, allergen-free recipes. (You can download it for free on MadeGood’s website!)

We talked to Molly Yeh to find out what allergy-friendly groceries she reaches for when she goes to the grocery store (her favorite spots are Target and Hugo’s Family Marketplace). Her main message: “You don’t have to sacrifice flavor.”  It’s all about making simple swaps. For example, her favorite allergy-friendly foods are falafel with chickpea flour or oat flour pancakes. Of course, we don’t all have Molly’s skills in the kitchen. So, she shared her five favorite allergy-sensitive products to buy at the grocery store.

MadeGood Birthday Cake Drizzled Granola Bars

Molly loves the MadeGood Birthday Cake Drizzled Granola Bars. She appreciates that they’re made with vegetable extracts to provide nutrients. The company uses natural coloring made from plants to create these brightly colored granola bars. Plus, kids love these bars! According to Molly, her daughter is practically made of these granola bars because she eats so many of them.


Molly’s dairy-free milk of choice is Oatly, which is also one of our favorite oat milks (it came in at number five on our best oat milk ranking). This is the brand of oat milk served at Starbucks, so it’s perfect for whipping up barista-quality coffee drinks at home. It’s also great for cooking!

Banza Pasta

Molly obviously loves to cook and she regularly uses Banza chickpea pasta when making meals for her family. It’s nutty, firm, and cooks quickly. It tastes so good that it made our list of the best gluten-free pasta to buy at the grocery store. Coated with any kind of sauce, you’ll love this allergy-friendly pasta alternative.

Banza Pizza

She doesn’t stop at pasta when it comes to Banza. For a quick meal, Molly buys Banza’s frozen pizzas made with chickpea flour. Coincidentally, so do we! It’s our favorite gluten-free pizza. It’s super cheesy and the sauce is great. The real star, however, is the crust. It’s crispy, but also chewy. It’s hard to tell that it isn’t made with traditional flour.

Bob’s Red Mill Potato Flour

What can’t potatoes do?! Molly uses Bob’s Red Mill Potato Flour in tons of her recipes to create gluten-free, allergy-friendly dishes. This flour is made from whole peeled potatoes and is ground super fine. It’s perfect for thickening sauces and soups, baking, and frying.

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