Ben & Jerry’s Flavors that Should Exist

Ben & Jerry’s is one of the most innovative ice cream companies going, but even if it seems like they’ve released pretty much every flavor combo under god’s green sun, they haven’t done it all. Yes, even ice cream visionaries like Ben and Jerry need some external ideas (specifically from me) to make sure they keep churning out hits. So never fear, Jerry and Ben (woof, that felt wrong, but I just wanted to try it), here are seven ideas for flavors you haven’t made yet but totally should if for no other reason than I would buy all of these (and I think other people would too).

White Nectarine Pie

My dad made this once and I still think about it sometimes. A vanilla base with chunks of buttery pie crust and the world’s sweetest white nectarines, all with a very light cinnamon swirl. Tastes like summer and smiles. Make it happen, Jer!

Dark Night Razzes

This is definitely a Ben & Jerry’s flavor that should exist. I mean, they already have their iconic cherry and chocolate Cherry Garcia flavor; Dark Chocolate Raspberry would not be a huge stretch. I’m picturing a creamy chocolate ice cream base and a ribbon of sweet and tangy raspberry jam. MmmMMMM. Romantic and also somehow…Batman themed? Sign me up.

Monster Cookie

Not to be confused with Cookie Monster, this would not just be a blue cookie dough ice cream (although they should definitely do that). No, this would be a vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, M&M’s Minis, oatmeal cookie chunks, a smoooooth peanut butter swirl, and, maybe, just to differentiate it and improve upon the Tillamook version, they could make the oatmeal cookie chunks big and chewy. And maybe throw in some salty potato chips or pretzels? Just a thought, Benny boy.


This is the ultimate Ben & Jerry’s flavor that should exist. It would be all of their toppings, fillings, cores, and ice cream flavors mixed into one pint (a la everything but the kitchen sink), to be eaten while crying a kitchen sink’s worth of tears and watching a kitchen sink’s worth of Dirty Dancing.


I’m thinking a savory-and-sweet Cabot Sharp Cheddar ice cream base with a fig jam swirl and little chunks of delicious Cabot cheddar and buttery crackers. Not only is Cabot probably the second most famous dairy brand from Vermont, they also make really good cheese and I think this cheese-jam-ice cream situation could be amazing. Plus, imagine this served in a salted cone! Bougie as heck, but we definitely need this, please and thanks Mr. Ben and Jerry, sirs.

Salted Milo Ube Fudge Brownie

This would be sort of like the vibrantly purple Wanderlust creamery ube malted crunch flavor but with some added chocolatey and salty pizzazz. And with the brand name appeal of Milo, the powdered chocolate flavored malted powder that is super popular in Australia, Ben & Jerry could literally turn the world on its head. Also malt, ube, and chocolate as a combo? Mwah, chef’s kiss.

Strawberry Poundcake

I know this seems basic, but they actually haven’t done it. They have done Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Topped Tart, Topped Strawberry Swirled, Strawberry Banana Fro-Yo, Strawberry Marshmallow Non-Dairy, Light Strawberries and Cream, Strawberry Shortcake Frozen Greek Yogurt, Strawberry Not So Shortcake (which was strawberry cake flavored ice cream and shortbread pieces), and I’m sure there are more that I missed. But imagine a fresh strawberry-flavored ice cream with a strawberry sauce swirl and huge chunks of delicious vanilla pound cake. I think I would pass out. I want it. With abundant whipped cream. Pleeeeeease Ben & Jerry? As a lil tax season gifty for me?

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