The Best ‘90s Throwback Snacks

Ahhhh, the ‘90s. It was a time of intense flavor blasting and radical little penguin mascots who made sure we consumed plenty of frozen corn niblets. There wasn’t really a “why” behind foods in the ’90s—it was “why not??” all the way as companies raced to see which wacky, random product would catch on first. But maybe some of those wild culinary creations weren’t so crazy after all—some are still hangin’ tough on grocery store shelves. These are the nostalgic noshes we recommend picking up if you’re looking for a ’90s throwback snack.

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Oreo Cakesters

Oreo Cakesters waltzed back into our lives last year as if they hadn’t been conspicuously missing for the past decade. Don’t worry; we aren’t complaining. Back in the day, you were the coolest kid on the block if you had a pack of these fluffy boys in your lunch bag. A Cakester is essentially a snack cake version of an Oreo, only slightly larger. In senior writer Jordan Myrick’s review of Cakesters, they said, “They deserve to be brought back and I hope they stick around.” We hope so too, Jordan!


Dunkaroos are the ’90s finger food that anyone with a sweet tooth can appreciate. Cookies AND frosting together in one jimjam? That’s perfection right there. Their perfection, as Sporked contributor May Wilkerson explains in her list of kids foods that should also be for adults, lies in the amount of frosting that comes in a package of Dunkaroos. “They offer you the experience of eating icing, but in a limited portion that won’t ruin your day,” she noted. As an adult who LOVES icing, it’s probably best to practice some self control. Thanks, Dunkaroos!

Creme Savers

These may not be a traditional snack, but in the ‘90s, everyone and their grandmother was popping these like they were. In 2022, Strawberry Creme Savers made waves when they returned to the candy aisle, and they ended up being named the Best Fruity Candy in Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo’s best hard candy ranking. “It’s like strawberry cheesecake in hard candy form,” he noted, and, boy, was he right. I’m eating one as I type this and I’m already sad thinking about when it will be gone. These are the blast from the past that the world needed. Stay with us, Creme Savers!

Oreo O’s

This cereal is iconic. It turns your milk a chocolate-y brown and tastes … not really like Oreos, but definitely somewhere in the realm of cookies and cream. What more could we ask for from a breakfast cereal? Oreo O’s were released in 1997 and delighted cookie lovers until they were unceremoniously discontinued in 2007. Thankfully, Post came to its senses and brought O’s back another ten years later in 2017. I’m seeing a worrisome pattern here…somebody make sure to check on Oreo O’s in 2027, because we simply can’t keep going through this. 

Bagel Bites

Bagel bites are the iconic after-school snack that had kids kicking off their shoes at the door and running straight for the freezer. Their very catchy theme song is one of many vintage food theme songs that still ring in the heads of a generation. Bagel Bites were invented in the mid 1980s, but didn’t gain traction until they were purchased by Heinz in 1991. However they got here, we’re just glad the cheesy little pizza bites are here to stay. (Although, they should really bring back the Cheeseburger version—you can sign this petition if you agree!)

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