The Best Bread for Soup from Our Taste Tests

What’s the best bread to eat with a bowl of soup? It’s a question Rhett & Link tackled not long ago on an episode of Good Mythical More. Far be it from us to question the wisdom of our snack daddies, but we’ve tasted a lot of bread here at Sporked, so we feel justified in adding to the convo. We aren’t attempting to overrule them here—we’re simply giving you some additional options when it comes to the best bread for soup. (And when you head out to buy bread, you might as well stock up on all the best canned soup, too.)

La Brea Bakery Take & Bake French Dinner Rolls

On the aforementioned episode of Good Mythical More, Rhett & Link decided that ciabatta is the best bread for soup dipping because it has a crusty exterior and a fluffy, warm center that’s perfect for sopping. These heat-and-eat French dinner rolls from La Brea Bakery aren’t ciabatta, but they do have a crusty exterior and a fluffy, warm center that’s perfect for sopping, so add these to your list of the best bread for soup. These rolls let the soup itself shine and they’re good with pretty much anything, from a brothy offering like chicken noodle soup to something thick and creamy like butternut squash soup. You kind of can’t go wrong with these suckers.

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Trader Joe’s Sourdough

Sourdough is the best bread for soup dipping when you want to add a tinge of tang to the flavor profile. I’ll even allow the Disney adults in the crowd to argue that this is the true best bread for soup dipping given that all the bread bowls served at Disney parks are made from sourdough. I’ve never had one, but they entice the hell out of me when I see them. Pair this Trader Joe’s sourdough—which we love for its excellent tang and wonderful chew—with a creamy clam chowder like Disney does, and you might just have the best bread for soup.

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Signature Select Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

These Signature Select breadsticks (sold at Albertsons-owned grocery stores) combine softness and structural soundness, and that lands them high on our list of the best bread for soup dipping. Do you eat your soup out of a thermos or mason jar? These long boys are the perfect soup bread for tight spaces. Whatever your vessel of choice, the garlicky goodness these deliver goes great with tomato soup, or you can pair them with a good canned minestrone for a true Olive Garden-style moment.

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Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

It’s hard to call a crumbly bread like cornbread the best bread for soup dipping, so we’ll fudge the requirements a bit. After all, we need a good option to go with the bean-y soups out there, and cornbread is the perfect bread for the job. If you’re a corn bread fan, you already know this, but Jiffy is the best. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and bakes up all moist and tender. Break it up and add it to your bowl of minestrone or canned chili for a bit of sweetness and substance. Or, if you’re a real stickler for the rules, bake your cornbread into muffins, rip the tops off, and use them to dip into your bean soups.

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Pillsbury Grands! Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits

We’re here to find the best bread for soup dipping, and I gotta say, there are very few soups that don’t get well with soft, hot biscuits. I’m particularly fond of pairing chicken noodle soup with biscuits. Use these Grands! biscuits to sop up what’s left after you’ve pillaged the soup for noodles, chicken, and veggies. It’s like you’re extending the life of the chicken noodle soup by making it into a dumpling soup. But the fact of the matter is that these Grands! biscuits go with pretty much any soup, and that makes them perhaps the most versatile pick on our list of the best bread for soup.

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