I Tried 4 Different Calming Products in One Week and One Really Worked

Like almost every other alive human on Earth, I struggle with anxiety. I find it difficult to calm down and relax. That’s why I decided to try four different edible calming products over the course of the week to see which best quieted the inside of my brain.

Some flopped and some made me so calm that I flopped to the ground. These are the best calming products to buy if you struggle with stress and anxiety.

Day 1: Natural Vitality Natural Calm Gummies for Stress

I started my day with Natural Vitality Natural Calm Gummies for Stress. These vegan gummies contain magnesium which, according to the packaging, “[helps] manage stress, release tension and calm your mind.” After eating two, I noticed no change in my mood, stress level, or general state of mind when I consumed these gummies. They tasted good, though! They’re pleasantly chewy and the raspberry lemon flavor is nice.

Day 2: Tazo Calm Iced Tea

This iced tea is free of caffeine. It’s made with chamomile and a mix of herbs designed to calm you down. And it tastes good! It’s very chamomile-forward and a little sweet. Did it work? I don’t know because it gave me such bad heartburn that it distracted me from the calming properties. I think it was the added sugar. If you suffer from stress and have a hard time calming down, you probably also have gastrointestinal issues (me), so this is not a great option in my opinion.

Day 3: So Good So You Calm Probiotic Shot

This shot made me calm. Too calm. I drank it at the beginning of my work day and had to take a nap by noon. It works! Also, it tastes delicious. The kiwi melon flavor is wonderful. Do not slurp down one of these and then operate heavy machinery. The downside is that one shot is almost $5 and it must stay refrigerated.

Day 4: Recess Mood Powder

This stuff tastes good! It’s super tart and very citrusy. This would be so wonderful sprinkled into seltzer over ice and sipped on throughout the day. I, however, mixed it with tap water and chugged it. Did it calm me down? It felt a little calming! I felt more relaxed than I generally do. While it’s difficult to know if that’s just placebo effect or not, I do believe this did something. This seemed like a calming supplement I could take in the morning rather than the shot, which I would need to take at night. Also, it’s relaxing to consume something that tastes good!

Winner: So Good So You Calm Kiwi Melon Probiotic Shot

This calming shot really knocked me on my butt, so it’s taking home the gold medal for best calming product. I know it’s pricey, but I would buy it again because I feel like you get the most bang for your buck. Good luck in your attempts to stay calm!

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