Sporked Awards: Best Condiment We Tasted in 2022

There are so many condiments, it feels impossible to choose only two to call our favorites. Just think about it: “Condiment” encompasses so many things! Sour cream, hot sauce, dijon mustard, oyster sauce, syrup. In my opinion, condiments are the most important part of food. Food without condiments? A waste of time. Below are the two best condiments we tasted in 2022. They are sensationally delicious and I hope you try them immediately!

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Bob’s Big Boy Bleu Cheese Dressing

I know it might seem very strange to give bleu cheese dressing (or blue cheese dressing, depending on how French you are) the number one spot on our list of the best condiments of 2022, but trust me, this bleu cheese dressing deserves it. It is easily the best bleu cheese dressing I’ve ever had. And that includes bleu cheese dressing at restaurants! It’s chunky, creamy, garlicky, peppery, and so unbelievably perfect. Whether it’s salads, wraps, or wings, use this bleu cheese dressing!

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Beaver Sweet Honey Mustard

Beaver Sweet Honey Mustard is so much more than just honey mustard. It’s not that cloyingly sweet sauce you get with your chicken nuggets at a fast food place. It’s sweet and savory and tangy and zesty and tart. The flavor is so pronounced. It was easily the best honey mustard we tried in our honey mustard taste test. Danny Palumbo called this a “honey mustard for every occasion” and I agree. It’s also incredibly affordable. We got it at Walmart for $2.86. So much flavor for so little price? What more could you ask for from a condiment?

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