Sporked Awards: The Best Energy Drink We Tasted in 2023

When that 3 p.m. slump hits, you need something that will keep you from taking yet another desk nap (your boss told us she’s getting annoyed). That’s where the best energy drink comes in. We tasted a lot of energy drinks in 2023—some new, some not so new—but a couple really stood out above the rest. Now, we can’t tell you which energy drink will make your workout more effective or jumpstart your metabolism or give you the ability to punch god, but we can tell you the best tasting energy drink we tried in our taste tests this year. Here’s the best energy drink and a runner up for good measure.

best energy drink 2023


Ghost Bubblicious Cotton Candy

When I taste tested and ranked every Ghost energy drink flavor, I will admit that this wasn’t my favorite—but it’s the one that stayed with me the most because it’s just so accurate. If you’ve ever had a big ol’ juicy piece of that obnoxiously blue Bubblicious cotton candy gum, you know exactly what this tastes like. And the sparkle of the drink makes it refreshing instead of overpowering. This is not an energy drink I would drink every day, but if you’re in the mood for something fun and nostalgic, buy this.

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best energy drink 2023


Celsius Oasis Vibe

There’s a lot to love about Celsius energy drinks (I should know; I tasted and ranked every single flavor). They aren’t loaded with sugar. They come in a lot of flavors. Their carbonation is light and tingly. They claim to burn body fat, and luckily I will believe pretty much anything a beverage can tells me. As I said, I can’t vouch for the drink’s overall efficacy—there are scientists and trials for that—but I can tell you that this drink tastes very good. Celsius released a number of “Vibe” flavors this year, but this was our favorite. It’s tangy and tasty and refreshing—it tastes kind of like a canned Margarita with a little extra oomph, and we love that. Most Celsius flavors are good, but this one really put a pep in our step.

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sporked awards 2023

The 2023 Sporked Awards

We ate our way through hundreds of products this year to find the best. Now it’s time to honor the best of the best.

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