Our 10 Most Popular Rankings of 2023

We published and updated more than 540 rankings in 2023. That’s a lot of tasting and ranking. Tums should seriously sponsor us. But it’s all worth it when we hear how any of our rankings have helped you find your new favorite condiment or a dairy-free substitute for something you’ve been missing. While the Sporked team could never pick a favorite ranking, our readers have their opinions known. Here are the top ten most popular, most read rankings we published in 2023. 

10. Best Sparkling Water and Seltzer

best sparkling water
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / Instacart / Target / Walmart / Whole Foods

Whether you like it plain or flavored, we tasted and ranked all the top sparkling waters, including LaCroix, Spindrift, and the oft underrated Waterloo. 

9. Best Bratwurst

best bratwurst
Credit: Merc / Whole Foods / Walmart / Instacart

We found the best of the wurst in this sausage ranking. And you really, really need to try our number one pick. We still dream about it. When was the last time you had a dream about sausage?

8. Every Aldi Pasta Sauce, Ranked

every aldi pasta sauce ranked
Credit: Merc / Aldi / Instacart

Aldi’s pasta sauce aisle is hit or miss, but when the sauces hit, they really, really hit. We discovered some new pantry staples in this ranking. 

7. All the Aldi Chocolate, Ranked

best aldi chocolate

Boy oh boy, Aldi makes a lot of chocolate. We tasted 28 different kinds of Aldi chocolate for this taste test and ranking. Don’t, worry, we’ll update it in 2024 with any chocolates that we missed. They just keep coming out with new ones. It’s like they’re trying to hurt us. 

6. Every Celsius Flavor, Ranked

best celsius flavor
Credit: Merc / Celsius

Celsius markets itself not as an energy drink but as a “fitness drink” (what does that mean? Check out our Celsius explainer). But all we cared about in this ranking was flavor. What do vibes taste like? Read this ranking. 

5. Best Things to Buy at Costco

best things to buy at costco

Costco is very, very big. And when you buy something at Costco, you buy a lot of it. So, you need this guide to the best things to buy at Costco. 

4. Best Hot Dog Chili

best hot dog chili
Credit: Merc / Walmart / Instacart / Amazon

We didn’t even know canned hot dog chili was a thing before this taste test, but a lot of you are very familiar with it. And you have opinions about our ranking! Check out the comments on this one. 

3. Best Monster Flavor

best monster energy drink flavors
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

There are tons of new, trendy energy drinks for sale these days but Monster remains a classic. After tasting 35 cans (and getting so hyped that we lifted the fridge above our heads, Dirty Dancing style, before jumping straight out the window), we ranked the top ten best Monster flavors. 

2. Every Flavor of Buldak Noodles, Ranked

best buldak noodles

Much like we can’t get enough of these Korean instant noodles, you can’t get enough of our ranking of the cult favorite Buldak flavors. If you haven’t tried Buldak yet, use this ranking as your jumping off point—and your guide to which flavors will burn your mouth off and which will simply singe it. 

1. Best Things at Aldi 

best aldi products
Credit: Liv Averett / Aldi

The most popular ranking we wrote this year was our collection of the 18 best things to buy at Aldi. This budget-friendly grocery store has been making waves (watch out, Trader Joe’s) with its innovative cheeses, fun snacks, and wild frozen food swings.

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