The Best Foods for Your Earthquake Kit

If you live in California, then earthquakes are just a part of life. If you live in other places, they are also a part of life. Earthquakes happen, folks. In any case, it can never hurt to be prepared with a bunch of non-perishable foods to put in your earthquake kit. And if you must have food for an earthquake kit, it may as well taste great. Here’s our list of (in our opinion) the best earthquake kit food out there.

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Canned meat is a great way to get some non-perishable protein into your earthquake kit. Plus, any doomsday prepper knows that canned food for an earthquake kit (or gorilla-related apocalypse kit) is a must. And this particular canned tuna is not only nutritious, it’s also delicious. Mythical Chef Josh Scherer called this tuna “deliciously tender, well-salted tuna,” and Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo called it a “really fresh, excellent product that fully embodies the canned tuna ethos.” I’m sold. I’d carry this tuna with me into the earth’s butt crack (or whatever earthquakes are).

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Food for any emergency kit, including food for an earthquake kit, should always have lots and lots of protein. What better way to ensure more non-perishable protein gets into your earthquake kit than to drop in some literal protein bars? And if they have to be in there, may as well get these Aldi bars that literally taste like “Rice Krispies treat meets a Reese’s Cup,” according to senior writer Jordan Myrick. Do your future, potentially-earthquake-affected self a favor and throw some of these on your earthquake-kit-food shopping list.

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Kashi Go Lean Crunch

Cereal is a big one that the government recommends you keep around for emergencies, so it should be on your list of earthquake kit food. It’s got added vitamins, whole grains, and is all-around a great snack that won’t go bad super fast. Plus, this particular cereal (which is almost a granola) completely slaps. This stuff has variations in texture (from sandy bits to clumps to rice puffs to oats) that will keep your mind off of the whole earthquake thing, plus it tastes “light and honeyed and the perfect level of sweet with a sprinkling of cinnamon,” according to editor-in-chief Justine Sterling, who also noted this cereal’s high protein, about (9g) per serving. A true win-win in a box.

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Trader Joe’s Creamy No-Stir Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is not only a great food for an earthquake kit due to its calorically dense and protein-packed nature but also because it is simply a very comforting food. And this TJ’s take on creamy peanut butter is truly a must-have. I know, PB from TJ’s?!? It’s okay, shake things up for your earthquake kit and try a new PB (also, sorry for the earthquake joke, but as a Californian, we have to joke about these things to show them they don’t have power over us. Earth’s butt crack, who is she? See?). Anyhoo, this peanut butter is great. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart noted this PB is “smooth, creamy, and has serious peanut flavor,” and it isn’t too salty or too sweet either.

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Hey, if the government says to pack comfort foods, who are we to argue with the literal government? And there are few things more comforting than a big ol’ delicious chocolate bar. Now if you haven’t tried (or even heard of) Whatchamacallit, you need to know what they are and try one soon, because they are Sporked’s favorite candy bar of all time. Periodt. Why? Because of the everything about them. They are flat and wide (as opposed to tall like a Snickers, and contain “a thin, delicate coating of chocolate; a slightly salty, peanut buttery flavor; a little bit of a crisp-rice crunch; and chew from the luscious caramel within.” Gwynedd regrets sleeping on this bar for as long as she did and wants to encourage you all not to make the same mistake. Go try it now, and then buy two extra to put in your earthquake kit.

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Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Tomato Soup

Now, this may not be a canned soup, but it was the best “canned” soup we tried even though it comes in a TetraPak. It’s still just as non-perishable, don’t even worry, plus you don’t need a can opener. This soup is so good and warm and comforting that Jordan even said it may be the best soup anyone at Sporked has ever bought from a grocery store. Keep in mind that all of these people taste food for a living. That’s some unanimous high praise. Jordan assured us that “the tomatoes are sweet. The onions and garlic are aromatic.” What more could you want in an earthquake kit?

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