The 5 Best Things We Tasted in February 2024

Every month at the Sporked office is an exercise in pantry and fridge organization. We’re hoarders, and we try a lot of food. As products cycle in and out of the office, we take note of the yummiest things we try. And now we’re rounding up the best of the best to give you a list of five standout items that really changed our lives (and carts) in February. (And be sure to follow us on Instagram for weekly roundups of the best things we’ve eaten.)

Mezzetta Pepperoncini Hot Sauce

If you love pickled peppers, you’re going to love this condiment. It’s a hot sauce, but it isn’t blazingly hot—it packs about as much heat as a pepperoncini (which is to say, not much). If you simply want heat, reach for something on our list of the best hot sauces. But if you want a tangy, fresh-tasting condiment that’s going to liven up an Italian hoagie or a plate of braised pork, this is the stuff. 

Godshall’s Maple Turkey Bacon

Godshall’s truly makes god-tier turkey bacon. It’s thick cut, meaty, and has a fantastic hint of sweetness from the genuine maple flavor. You probably won’t mistake it for pork bacon, but it’s way less greasy and definitely crisps up around the edges if you cook it long enough. This stuff is going to be so good with a stack of pancakes.

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Trader Joe’s Caramel Palmiers

Palmiers are fancy, but when you buy them at Trader Joe’s, they’re also super cheap—not to mention delicious. These delicate puff pastry cookies are thin and crispy and so, so buttery. They have a nice crunch, too, because they’re coated in sugary caramel. One of the best things about these cookies is that they come in two separate foil sleeves so they don’t get stale if you don’t eat them all at once—but you’re definitely going to be tempted to eat them all at once.

Pepperidge Farm London Fog Milano Cookies

A London Fog is a latte made with Earl Grey tea. Fancy. Elegant. And, it turns out, the perfect flavor profile for an elegant Milano cookie. The tea flavor is sweet and herbal and relatively mild—too much tea flavor would probably make the cookies bitter. The layer of Earl Grey-flavored creme melds beautifully with the layer of chocolate you’re used to in a Milano. These are limited edition, so if you want to try them, do it now!

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Signature Cafe Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Everyone on the Sporked team tried this Signature Café Broccoli Cheddar Soup and everyone agreed that it rules. In fact, everyone thought it was better than Panera at Home Broccoli Cheddar soup, which is quite the soup coup. It’s just so well balanced—it tastes like broccoli and it tastes like cheddar cheese in equal measure. It isn’t too salty. And it comes in a tub you can just pop into the microwave. If you have an Albertsons-owned grocery store near you, add this to your lunch rotation. It’s the best thing we ate all month. 

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