The Best Frozen Sweet Potato Fries

The best frozen sweet potato fries cook up sweet and savory and perfect for those days when you want to eat fried foods but you want them to be orange so you know they’re “healthy.” I love foods that allow me to pretend I’m doing something good for my body—sweet potato fries are in that category. Like, I can just FEEL how fit and healthy the server thinks I am when I opt for sweet potato fries over regular fries at a restaurant. 

One note about making frozen sweet potato fries at home: Make sure they’re air fryer sweet potato fries. They still taste great when you cook them in the oven, but they crisp up so much better in the air fryer. Just a little tip from someone who made many, many batches of sweet potato fries. From seasoned sweet potato fries to crinkle cuts, these are the best frozen sweet potato fries you can find at the grocery store.

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Best Seasoned

Checkers Rally’s Sweet Potatoes Seasoned Fries

No one liked these frozen sweet potato fries quite as much as I did, but you should still believe me: They’re good. What other tasters didn’t love that I did is that these are soooo thin. Shoestring thin. And I think that’s fun and unique for sweet potato fries. Yes, they were a little limp (I cooked them in the oven), but they will crisp up great in the air fryer. And of course they have that peppery coating that Rally’s/Checkers regular fries have and it works. We tried some other brands of seasoned sweet potato fries that just really didn’t work. (Alexia’s seasoned sweet potato fries tasted like fried chicken batter but sweet.) If you like Checkers fries and you like sweet potato fries, you’ll like these.

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Best Classic

Signature Select Classic Sweet Potato Julienne Fries

These are the best frozen sweet potato fries if you want real, genuine sweet potato flavor. When editor-in-chief Justine Sterling ate one of these, she said, “Yup, tastes like you’re eating a vegetable.” That’s a good thing! Other fries we tasted were suspiciously sweet (like, they taste almost mapley) and others were really, really bland. These have such a nice, balanced flavor that really captures the glory of the sweet potato. 

Credit: Merc / Vons




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Best Crinkle Cut

Ore-Ida Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries

We tried a few brands of crinkle cut sweet potato fries, but these are the best frozen sweet potato fries by far if you’re into crinkles like I am. They’re sweet without being too sweet and have a bit of a coating that gives them some crunch so they aren’t floppy and weird. The Ore-Ida crinkles perfectly balance sweet and savory. (Oh, and here’s our ranking of the best regular crinkle cut fries if you’re not into sweet potatoes.)

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Best of the Best

Roots Organic Sweet Potato Fries

When you look at the imagery on a bag of Roots Organic Sweet Potato Fries you’re immediately like, yes, those are going to be the best frozen sweet potato fries—duh. They look homemade—they even have some skin! The bad news is that when you finally open the bag, these frozen sweet potato fries look nothing like the picture on the package (no skin!). The good news is that they’re still really, really good. In fact, they’re the best sweet potato fries we could find. They’re very flavorful and fresh tasting, just like sweet potato fries from a restaurant. They were good in the oven, but they’ll be great in the air fryer. I’ll say it one more time and then I’ll shut up: Frozen sweet potato fries should always be air fryer sweet potato fries!

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