Best Gluten Free (and Gluten Reduced) Beers

Drinking the best gluten free-beer shouldn’t feel like punishment for the celiac afflicted. Yes, beer is generally packed with glutenous grains, but plenty of brands—in their benevolence—have figured out how to make perfectly delicious gluten-free and reduced-gluten brews. 

I don’t want to just gloss over what I just said: Some of the beers on this list are reduced gluten rather than totally gluten free. Gluten-free beers are generally brewed with gluten-free grains like corn, millet, and sorghum. Gluten-reduced beers are brewed with an enzyme that breaks down gluten, but research on whether gluten-reduced beers are safe for people who are gluten intolerant is apparently inconclusive. If you are gluten intolerant, it’s probably wise to stick to gluten-free brews (or, you know, drinks that are naturally gluten free, like hard seltzer).

Okay, I don’t need to micromanage your gluten consumption—I just need to tell you which gluten-free beers taste good, right? Without further ado, these are the best gluten-free beers (and the best gluten-reduced beers) we tried during our in-office taste test.

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Best Accessible


Redbridge scores big points for existing and being available in lots of stores, not just specialty stores in coastal cities. To brew this gluten-free beer, Anhueser-Busch ditched barley in favor of sorghum to create a lager that’s light, refreshing, and totally palatable. Nothing about this beer is going to set your taste buds on fire, but if you’re looking for something to replace that domestic dad beer you drink too many of during football games, Redbridge is the best gluten-free beer you can buy.

Credit: Liv Averett / Total Wine & Spirits




Best Gluten Reduced


When I ordered some cans of Omission for this taste test, I didn’t realize they were gluten reduced rather than gluten free. But if you aren’t hard-core gluten insensitive and are just looking for a way to casually reduce your gluten intake, I think these brews are still worth a look (or, er, a sip). Both the Golden Ale and the Wheat Ale from Omission are super light, lovely, and quaffable; if you like a little bit of citrusy twang to your beer, opt for the wheat ale. Bonus: They’re super low carb and just feel nice and light as you drink. In my notes I said, “These are two of the best beers I’ve had in general lately,” and that stands!

Credit: Liv Averett / Total Wine & Spirits




Best of the Best


All in all, Glutenberg makes the best gluten-free beer we tasted. I tried three varieties for this taste test—White, Stout, and IPA—and honestly can’t pick a favorite. They’re all exceptional and they’re all brewed with alternative grains like corn, millet, and buckwheat. If you’re into the fresh, citrusy taste of a Belgian White, opt for Glutenberg White. If you like the grassy, floral nature of a hoppy brew, go for Glutenberg IPA. Glutenberg Stout was my personal favorite—it’s rich, chocolatey, and has a nice creamy head. I’d drink it in lieu of dessert, but these are tasty enough to enjoy any time. If you can get your gluten-free mitts on Glutenberg beer, buy some. 

Credit: Liv Averett / Total Wine & Spirits




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