The 5 Best Hangover Drinks for Rehydration

The people who created Gatorade probably didn’t realize that they were making an entire secondary market for hangover cures. For those of people who turn drinking into a vigorous activity on the level of a professional football game, here are some of the best re-hydrators to get you in shape for the next “game.”

Passion Fruit Gatorade

Gatorade is the standard bearer for the sports drink industry, and they have come a long way from the basic starting flavors of orange, lemon lime, and fruit punch. Shockingly, Sporked’s favorite flavor out of all of the options is Passion Fruit. But just one taste proves why. It evokes the kind of tropical paradise that would soothe even the worst of headaches. Don’t start any drinking night without one in the fridge. 

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Cool Blue Gatorade

With the exception of blueberries, I am always suspicious of blue food and drink. Based on look alone, it is far too neon to be reminiscent of any actual food that occurs naturally, and the taste generally backs that up. I have never once seen a blue raspberry on the vine, so why would I want to drink it? It just tastes too fake to me. The one exception is Cool Blue Gatorade. Yes, it has a vague fruity taste that can only be described as “blue”—or what we have been trained to perceive as blue flavor—but it is the best blue to ever blue.

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Electrolit Fruit Punch

Based on the name alone, Electrolit seems like it would have been perfectly at home in the extreme ‘90s drink trends along with Surge or Jolt. But the name actually refers to its secret ingredient: electrolytes. Let’s put on our science hats for a second. One of the side effects of alcohol is excessive urination, resulting in dehydration and the loss of natural electrolytes—essential minerals—in your body. You either have to replace those electrolytes fast or suffer the consequences. This stuff has Pedialyte levels of electrolytes in it which, ultimately, makes it LIT.

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XXX (Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate) Vitamin Water

It’s not even a contest; XXX is the best Vitamin Water flavor. Sporked writer Jordan Myrick says so, and if you disagree with them, I cannot and will not protect you from their wrath. They are so much stronger than me. But also, they’re just right. While the brand doesn’t have the most electrolytes out of all the different sports drink brands, it does have the overall best flavor. And XXX has the magic acai berry in it, so you know you’re getting the good stuff.

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C20 Coconut Water

“Luke, how can you drink coconut beverages? They are disgusting and taste like sunscreen.” Listen, all god’s critters have a place in the choir, some sing lower and some sing higher. And I am singing the praises of coconut. It’s just so refreshing and true coconut water doesn’t taste overly sweet and filled with chemicals. And, also, in addition to that, Coconut has naturally occurring electrolytes in it; none of that artificially added stuff. C20 is perhaps not as well known as its competitors but it should be. This stuff is big time coconut flavor.

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