The Best Healthy Snacks We Spotted at Aldi

We need to stop sleeping on Aldi! Whether you’re looking for affordable pantry staples (they make some damn good pasta sauce), snacky stuff for a game day party, or even healthy snacks (that’s why you clicked, right?), the discount grocer has you covered. I know “healthy” can mean different things to different people, but I spotted a really good selection of low cal, reduced fat, keto friendly, and veggie-forward snacks on a recent visit to my local Aldi—you know, things we can reasonably consider healthy snacks because they aren’t straight-up potato chips. Here are some of the best healthy snacks at Aldi.

Park Street Deli Spinach Parmesan Tzatziki Dip with Greek Yogurt

I love a dip. I especially love a dip that I can mindlessly eat while watching TV and not feel like a monster for doing so. Tzatziki, because it’s Greek yogurt based rather than sour cream based, is a healthy snack that works for me in this scenario. Pair it with cucumber slices, low-cal crackers, or some celery sticks and you’ve got yourself a hell of an evening (evening, not evenings because you will eat it all in one sitting).

Simply Nature Keto Coconut Clusters in Dark Chocolate

I don’t keep keto, but if you do, healthy snacks at Aldi that involve dark chocolate have to be a good thing, right? They actually sell two versions of these quinoa-and-seed clusters—one without chocolate and one with—and both sound pretty good and plenty filling. This may not be a low fat or low cal snack, but if it aligns with your low carb, high protein diet, they’re worth a try.

Millville Kids Fruit & Grain Mini Bars

Whether you need to get your kid to eat more fruits and grains or you’re the kid who needs to eat more fruits and grains (I’m in the latter category), these are a great healthy Aldi snack. With two equally appealing flavbor options, apple or strawberry, you really can’t go wrong, but I’ll be reaching for the apple-flavored box of these poppable little morsels, personally .

Fit & Active Caramel Rice Cakes

I’m no stranger to rice cakes, and I think we can all agree that flavored rice cakes are way better than plain rice cakes. If you like your flavored rice cakes to lean desserty, these mini rice cake crisps are are a good healthy snack (healthier than high-fat cookies, anyway). Eat them plain or top them with fat-free whipped cream for an indulgent little treat.

Crunchy Onion PeaTos Rings

This was my first time seeing PeaTos but color me intrigued by this pea-based version of Funyuns. These come in a few flavors (I also spotted vegan cheese and fiery hot), but onion seems like the safest option because it has the best chance of complementing any lingering pea flavor.

Friendly Farms Whole Milk Key Lime Greek Yogurt

I’ll admit that a non-fat Greek yogurt might have been a more appropriate option to add to this list of healthy snacks at Aldi, but I’m just not ready to give up the creamy texture and rich flavor of whole milk Greek yogurt. And this is a good one. When the Sporked crew ranked the best Greek yogurt at Aldi, Key Lime was a big hit. Hey, I’m willing to consume a few extra calories for an indulgent experience that makes it feel like I’m eating an actual dessert.

Simply Nature Kids Spinach Bites

If you’re looking for healthy snacks at Aldi, don’t snooze on the frozen section. These spinach bites may be for kids, but, as a grown-ass man, I can say they look like a pretty cool way to eat some vegetables. If you’re into the “vegetable, but make it a nugget” vibes, these also come in broccoli- and sweet potato-based versions.

Enlightened Bada Bean Bada Boom

I’m easily swayed by a clearly gimmicky rendition of a classic snack food, and these seem kind of like a healthier version of Corn Nuts. Crunchy roasted beans blasted with flavor? I’m sure Rhett would go crazy for these!

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