Our Aldi Game Day Haul

Having buddies over to watch one team crush another team’s Super Bowl dreams? Aldi is the perfect stop for your game day haul. First of all, they have game day snack options out the wazoo. The chip aisle spilleth over, and the frozen snack section always has something new and cool to try. Best of all, Aldi does the simple things really well for a very good price, so you can buy snacks for a hungry crowd and still have some beer money left over (we have recs on that front, too). Grab your cart quarter and head to Aldi for the perfect game day haul, y’all.

Clancy’s Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips

Everyone loves a chip for game day. And we’re on a mission to grab the best from Aldi. That leads us right to Clancy’s sour cream & onion potato chips. They’re crunchy, salty, and have a distinct creaminess to them. They’re onion-y without tasting exclusively like onion powder. Once you dig in, it’ll be hard to stop eating these things, so grab a few bags! Any leftovers will just be yours to snack on, which is a win whether your team blows it or not.

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Happy Farms Cheese Curds Cajun Cheddar

If you’re not eating cheese curds at your game day festivities then what the hell are you doing? They’re the perfect pre-portioned, poppable, squeaky snack that any guest can enjoy. Aldi spices up the classic curd with their Cajun version and we thank them for it. These zesty, savory, slightly spicy little morsels work on any game day cheese plate you’re putting together or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can bread and fry them, too.

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Kirkwood Chicken Fries

Chicken nuggets might look weird as part of a game day spread, but if you make them long and call them fries? That’s the perfect food. Aldi’s chicken fries are extremely savory and have the perfect amount of black pepper for a bit of bite. The coating of crumbs is even and not too thick. Follow Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling’s wise words and air fry these bad boys for the perfect crispy bite every time you go back for more.

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Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad

Potato salad isn’t strictly a picnic food. For real, who doesn’t want to fill up on boiled potatoes coated in mayo when it’s the middle of winter and you basically can’t go outside for three months. Thankfully Aldi has the perfect rendition for the occasion. Their potato salad has perfectly cooked potatoes (a feat that Sporked writer Jordan Myrick found not to be the norm in store bought potato salad) and it’s well-seasoned and wonderfully mayo-y. This may not be everyone’s first pick from the snack table but trust me, those who grab it will enjoy!

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Park Street Deli Dill Dip

A veggie dip is crucial for a game day feast. What’s the norm for game day snack tables? Fried foods galore! You need a crisp little hit of freshness to break up all that richness, and Park Street deli dill dip is here to deliver sweet, sweet relief. This dill dip has a hefty serving of dill and is so cool and creamy it’ll work with anything from celery to broccoli. Eating raw vegetables as a game day snack has never tasted better.

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