3 Best Low Sugar and No Sugar Popsicles

The best sugar free popsicles and no sugar added popsicles are just as fruity and refreshing as the kind that stained your mouth and gave you a sugar high when you were a kid. While so many low sugar and no sugar beverages can taste overwhelmingly like artificial sweeteners (unless we’re talking about the best seltzer), I’m pleased to report that popsicles do a way better job of not tasting weird.

For this taste test, we rounded up both no sugar added (so, some sugar) popsicles, as well as sugar free popsicles. Spoiler: Our favorite of them all is actually totally sugar free. This is excellent news for people who have to cut sugar out of their diets for health reasons and people who are just casually watching their carbs. It’s heating up outside. Summer is on its way. These are the best sugar free popsicles and low sugar popsicles to stock your freezer with all season long.

(And if you’re looking for the best popsicles with real sugar, we ranked those, too.)

best low sugar popsicles

Best for Biters

Outshine No Sugar Added Black Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi & Mixed Berry

I’m no food scientist, but I’d always assumed that corn syrup gave popsicles their toothsome bite. Yes, I’m a popsicle biter—sue me! These Outshine No Sugar Added popsicles don’t contain corn syrup, but they still have that nice, smooth bite—they’re not icy at all! We tried two Outshine variety packs: Black Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi & Mixed Berry, as well as Strawberry, Tangerine & Raspberry. Overall, the former is the better choice. I generally love an orange popsicle, but the Tangerine tasted a little funny and carroty to me. And you just gotta have Black Cherry as an option—it’s so sweet, juicy, and delicious. While these do contain sugar, they’re very low sugar—only 2 grams per bar!

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best no sugar added popsicles

Best Fruit Juice Flavor

Goodpop Watermelon Agave

Okay, at 9 grams a bar, these Goodpop Watermelon Agave bars are higher in sugar than many of the other no sugar added popsicles we tried. But they’re still a far cry from other popsicles. For instance, Helados Mexico Watermelon fruit bars contain 23 grams of sugar per bar! So, these aren’t exactly sugar free, but they’re still very low. All of Good Pop’s bars taste like frozen juice. Like, your mom brought home a can of Minute Maid concentrate and some popsicle molds and you guys made your own juice bars on a day during summer vacation. They’re all pretty good— we tried Cherry n’ Lemonade and their Orange, Cherry, Grape variety pack—but the Watermelon Agave is the best. Watermelon just works so well as a frozen fruit bar and these low sugar popsicles are a great example of that.

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best low sugar popsicles

Best of the Best

Popsicle Sugar Free Tropicals

I frequently ask my colleague Jordan Myrick to try things I especially love and this was one of the products that made them do a little dance. These sugar free Capital P Popsicles are icier than Outshine bars—not ideal for biters—but the flavors just taste so darn good! In this variety pack you get Hawaiian Pineapple, Tropical Orange, and Caribbean Punch. All of them are great, but the Caribbean Punch is the best by far. Lots of guava. A vacation on a stick. The biggest feat is that these don’t taste like artificial sweeteners. And at 15 cals and, I repeat, zero grams of sugar, you can house as many as you want on a sweaty day. Turns out the best low sugar popsicles are actually sugar free popsicles.

Credit: Merc / Vons




Other products we tried: Popsicle Sugar Free Orange, Cherry, Grape; Fudgsicle No Sugar Added; Outshine No Sugar Added Strawberry, Tangerine & Raspberry; Goodpop Orange, Cherry, Grape; Goodpop Cherry n’ Lemonade; Budget Saver Monster Pops

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