New Lucky Charms S’mores: Are They Magically Delicious?

When it comes to egregiously sugary breakfast cereals, Lucky Charms are practically perfect. The frosted oat bits go great with the crunch of the little dehydrated marshmallows. My one criticism is that none of its components flavor the milk in which they swim. If Cocoa Krispies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch have taught us anything, it’s that flavored milk rules. But, hey, what if those bits were chocolate flavored …

Enter Lucky Charms S’mores, General Mills’ latest take on a classic. It has chocolate-flavored bits (made of corn rather than oat), graham cracker squares, the same colorful marshmallows you know and love, and little white marshmallows that look like miniature versions of the kind of marshmallow you’d toast over a campfire for s’mores. Does this belong in your cart the next time you hit the grocery store? Let’s discuss.

lucky charms s'mores

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Lucky Charms S’mores

We’re big s’mores fans around here. We also love chocolate cereal. I was pumped to try these. Sadly, they’re kind of a letdown. The chocolate-flavored cereal bits aren’t chocolatey enough to make an impression, especially alongside the graham squares (which I’m pretty sure are just Golden Grahams). You don’t really wind up with chocolate milk in your bowl; mine was a slightly tanner version of the murky gray milk Lucky Charms typically leave behind. The white mini marshmallows are cute, but they’re indistinguishable from the other marshmallows in both taste and texture—they seem to be there strictly because they’re cute. Plus, Chocolate Lucky Charms already exist!

Maybe I’m just being stodgy, but I still think regular ol’ Lucky Charms make a much better breakfast.

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Correction: This article has been updated to indicate that while original Lucky Charms feature oat cereal bits, the chocolate cereal bits in Lucky Charms S’mores are made of corn rather than oat.

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  • “But, hey, what if those oat bits were chocolate flavored …”

    It might actually be good if it was oat based. This however is corn based like the other chocolate Lucky Charms variety. Hence, chocolate versions always pale in comparison.

  • I just tried this cereal, and I find it disgusting compared to Post Honey Maid S’mores. The graham pieces almost taste rotten, not at all like Golden Grahams. Maybe there’s some sort of defect with my batch.

  • as a person who is not a huge chocolate fan, but for some reason loves smores, i found the cereal part to be the right amount of chocolate. Actually when i get to the bottom of the bowl i find myself thinking “i wish i was eating regular lucky charms” because the chocolate taste doesn’t hit as hard as when i first start.