The Best No Sugar Added Ice Cream

No sugar added ice cream is a good compromise for people who want to make an effort to consume less sugar but aren’t ready to ditch sugar altogether by entering the unpleasant realm of sugar free ice cream or keto ice cream. If you’re cutting down on the amount of sugar in your diet, this stuff actually makes a difference. All of the low sugar ice creams on this list contain around 5 grams of sugar per serving, whereas our favorite vanilla ice cream has 28 grams of sugar in a serving. That’s a huge discrepancy—and we promise this low sugar ice cream actually tastes pretty good.

This is a short list, but it’s still a helpful list. For instance, we call out specific flavors from certain brands because those are the flavors we were able to source for our no sugar added ice cream taste test, but I feel pretty confident that you’ll find other good options if you buy other products from these brands. You’ll notice Breyers no sugar added ice cream doesn’t appear on this list—trust us, you can do better! Try this low sugar ice cream instead.

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kroger no added sugar ice cream

Best Mix-Ins

Kroger Deluxe Churned Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl No Sugar Added (5 grams)

I will be honest: I didn’t expect any of the best low sugar ice cream to actually have mix-ins—especially cool stuff like little peanut butter cups and a peanut butter-laced fudge swirl that tastes like delicious chocolate pudding without a sucralose aftertaste. This Kroger ice cream is so decadent for a no sugar added ice cream and it still only has 5 grams of sugar. If you love mix-ins, you’ll love this. And it isn’t just low sugar! This ice cream is also low fat and lactose free—a real dietary trifecta!




best low sugar ice cream

Best Classic

Edy’s / Dreyer’s Slow Churned Vanilla (5 grams)

Does this low sugar ice cream taste like it’s sweetened with Splenda? Yep. It sure does. But it has enough other good qualities to make up for the artificial sweetener flavor that sort of lingers on your tongue. The ice cream is very fluffy and creamy, especially for low cal, low fat ice cream. It has a good vanilla flavor, too—like a vanilla milkshake. This would be great with some low-sugar/no sugar toppings (check out our ranking of the best sugar free candy for inspo). If you see more of these slow churned no sugar added ice creams from Edy’s / Dreyer’s try them. This ice cream was dramatically better tasting than any of the Breyers no sugar added ice cream we tasted. (And don’t get confused, because I initially did. There are two Edy’s / Dreyer’s slow churned vanilla ice creams on the market, but only one of them has no sugar added. Make sure the label explicitly says “no sugar added,” otherwise you’re looking at 17 grams of sugar versus 5 grams.) 




best no sugar added ice cream

Best of the Best

Signature Select No Sugar Added Butter Pecan (4 grams)

Signature Select—a proprietary brand sold at Albertsons-owned grocery stores—makes the best no sugar added ice cream we tried, hands down. This really works. The ice cream is very fluffy and nice. It’s sweet and buttery tasting and there are plenty of pecans in the mix. The roastiness of the pecans makes this taste more genuine than a lot of other low sugar ice cream, which can tend to taste like chemicals. There are only 4 grams of sugar in a serving of this ice cream, but it’s worth pointing out that this is not low cal or low fat ice cream—and that’s probably why it tastes so good! There are 14 grams of fat a serving and 180 calories. If you shop at a store that sells Signature Select products, buy this!




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