Best Non Alcoholic Champagne for Your NYE Toasts

When I set out to make our shopping list of non alcoholic Champagne for this taste test, I couldn’t believe how many options there were at our local liquor stores. When I taste tested non alcoholic white wines earlier this year, they were much harder to source. Basically, if you’re on the hunt for non alcoholic Champagne or non alcoholic sparkling wine, you might be surprised by the wealth of options. 

That said, not all sparkling non alcoholic wine is good. In fact, some of it just tastes like sparkling grape juice, which is fine, but NA sparkling wine actually tends to be sort of pricey—if you’re okay with drinking sparkling grape juice, you should just buy that. It’s much cheaper! But if you want non alcoholic Champagne that actually tastes like dealcoholized wine—tannins and all—read this list before you do your New Year’s Eve grocery shopping.

best non alcoholic sparkling wine


Be Free Sparkling White

This non alcoholic sparkling wine has impressed us in other taste tests, and it held up in this one. It’s not as cloying as other NA whites and actually has some nuance.You get a fruity, grapey flavor up front, but it kind of settles on your tongue like a tart cider. Its effervescence fades pretty quickly, but it’s plenty fun and festive for a toast. This took the top spot in our non alcoholic white wine taste test, but only because the number one on this list wasn’t available at the time. Read on for the best non alcoholic Champagne we found…

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best non alcoholic champagne

Best of the Best

St Regis Brut

Confession time: I kind of love cheap Champagne. I used to work at a bar that sold bottles of Andre for, like, $5 and you could just hold it while you danced and down the whole thing. The downside? Feeling like absolute hole the next day. That’s where St Regis Brut comes in. This non alcoholic Champagne tastes exactly like a dry, very affordable, boozy Champagne to me. This is the only non alcoholic sparkling wine we tried that I think could actually fool a drinker into thinking it contains alcohol. It’s light and bright and sweet without being too sweet because it’s a little tannic. This is the best non alcoholic Champagne for your holiday toasts—especially if you don’t want to spend New Year’s Day with a cold, damp washcloth draped over your eyes. 

Credit: Merc / Total Wine




Other products we tried: Almost Zero Fry, Gruvi Dry Secco, St Regis Secco, Fre Sparkling Brut

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