All the Best Non Alcoholic Wine We’ve Found

The best non alcoholic wine gives you something sophisticated to drink with dinner—but it won’t give you a hangover the next day. Really, that’s the beauty of dealcoholized wine. By and large, na wines are made like regular wines—same grapes, etc—but then they’re processed to remove the intoxicating agent. To be perfectly honest, even the best non alcoholic wines don’t quite taste like real wine, but some na wines get much closer than others. Here’s the best non alcoholic red wine, the best non alcoholic white wine, and more alcohol-free wines from our taste tests that don’t just taste like glorified, overpriced grape juice.

best non alcoholic red wine

Best Red

Sovi Reserve Red

If you agree that a steak dinner just tastes better with a glass of red wine—and you also agree that good wine is worth paying a little more for—Sovi Reserve Red is the best non alcoholic red wine to seek out, and one of the best non alcoholic wines in general. This is a de-alcoholized blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah, and that specificity comes through in the final product. It leaves a nice, sweet cherry flavor on the back of your tongue as you sip. This is a perfect bev to unwind with after a long day, even sans alcohol.

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best non alcoholic white wine

Best Sparkling White

Be Free White Sparkling

When it comes to the best non alcoholic wine, our taste testers walked away thinking that red is superior to white, but we found a few suitable dealcoholized white wines, too. If you want something bright, sweet, and refreshing, like a sparkling Moscato, Be Free White Sparkling is a pretty good pick. It’s less sweet than a lot of its competitors in the na wine aisle and has a little more nuance. This is the best na wine to grab for a fancy brunch of crab benedict.

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best for sangria

Best Still White

St. Regis Chardonnay

This bottle of dealcoholized wine could have used some oakiness in its flavor profile, but it’s pretty good all the same. St. Regis Chardonnay is crisp and refreshing and would taste nice with something spicy, like shrimp fra diavolo. We didn’t taste any non alcoholic wine that really tasted like Chardonnay, but this will do in a pinch (like Dry January).

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best non alcoholic champagne

Best N/A Champagne

St Regis Brut

We’re pleased to report that when a special occasion rolls around and you want to pop a bottle of something nice (that isn’t sparkling cider or grape juice), we’ve found the best non alcoholic wine for that. St Regis Brut tastes a lot like a brut sparkling wine. Not necessarily excellent brut sparkling wine, but plenty good. It’s light and bright and sweet without being too sweet because it’s a little tannic. This dealcoholized wine is perfect for a toast on New Year’s Eve (and it won’t ruin New Year’s Day). 

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