The Best Non-Alcoholic White Wine

The best non-alcoholic white wine isn’t just glorified grape juice with a fancier label. It’s more complex and pleasantly tannic, because it isn’t just grape juice—it’s actually wine that’s been dealcoholized. And while the best non-alcoholic white wine still might not be as accessible as the regular kind (or as grape juice, for that matter), everything we sourced for this taste test came from our local big-box liquor store.

Whether you’re kicking alcohol all together or just cutting back on how much you drink, non-alcoholic wine is there for you when you want something with dinner besides water or seltzer. Making a fancy piece of fish? Having some sober friends over for conversation and cards? NA wine makes it feel like more of an occasion. Oh and if you prefer reds or meat is on the menu, we have you covered with the best non-alcoholic red wines, too.

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best non alcoholic white wine

Best Sweet

Fre Moscato

Okay, I know I just praised non-alcoholic white wine for generally being less sweet than grape juice. This NA wine might actually be sweeter than grape juice, but hear me out: Moscato is sugary as all hell, so a sugary NA Moscato is perfectly acceptable. This wine is slap-you-in-the-face fruity, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s bursting with grapes and peaches and flower petals. If you’re into dry whites, please do not buy this. It will drive you to drink. But if you have a high tolerance for sweet, fruit-forward wines, this is acceptable.

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best for sangria

Best for Sangria

St. Regis Chardonnay

If you’re super into dry, oaky Chardonnays, I have bad news: I didn’t taste a single NA white wine that quite channels that experience. In fact, if I was tasting this St. Regis Chardonnay blindfolded, I probably would have guessed it was Moscato. It’s sweet. Some oakiness definitely would have helped it achieve a Chardonnay vibe, but all the same, it’s not bad. It’s crisp. It’s refreshing. And I bet it would taste great with something spicy, like a fish po’boy slathered in remoulade or blackened catfish fillets. Or, as my colleague Jordan Myrick suggested, you can lean into its sweetness by using it to make NA Sangria. 

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best non alcoholic white wine

Best of the Best

Be Free White Sparkling

Not to be confused with Fre, Be Free makes the best non-alcoholic white wine we tried during our taste test. None of the wines we tried were excellent (as you may have noticed from the Spork scores), but this one had the most nuance. It’s less cloying than the other NA whites, and it has a really authentic effervescence—the bubbles are small and festive and reminiscent of what you’ll find in a good sparkling wine. I think this is a really pleasant brunch sip—not in a Bellini or Mimosa, because I think the added sweetness would detract from its better qualities, but all all on its own. Cheers! 

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