Best Snacks for *That* Time of the Month

If you have a uterus, life gives you a beautiful monthly gift in the form of cramps, acne, and general hormonal hijinks. In many (most) ways, this sucks. But there is one redeeming quality to the good ol’ period (besides that it lets us make babies or whatever). The positive in question? You have an excuse to eat whatever snacks, junk food, sweets, and treats that you want, a.) because you deserve it—having a uterus is hard, and, b.) because no one will be brave enough to stop you. So without further ado, here is our list of the best period snacks.

Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels

It’s giving salty and it’s giving sweet, just like you on your period. Is that what makes these pretzels one of the best period snacks? Perhaps. But what makes these “the best chocolate covered pretzels on the market,” according to senior writer Jordan Myrick, is that the “ratio of chocolate to pretzel is perfect.” These have a great balance of salt and sweetness, so if you don’t know which of those you are craving at the moment, choose these.

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Sour candy is the best candy. Point blank. Period. And as we have discovered across our numerous taste tests, the best sour candy is Sour Skittles. Sometimes all you want on your period is to feel something besides rage, anything at all, and these Sour Skittles do deliver on that front. Not only do they have that delightful Skittles crunch, they also have, as managing editor Gwynedd Stuart put it, “face-slapping sourness” that kept us coming back for more. Truly one of the best snacks for period cravings.

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Cool Ranch Doritos

I mean. Salty, umami, RANCH(!)—what else could a duderus (my uterus-containing fam) want when everything hurts and you can’t stop watching the end of Anne with an E and sobbing uncontrollably? Nothing, that’s what. You want these, don’t lie to yourself. You want chips? These are the chips. As Jordan said, “Literally, no notes.”

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Sometimes you want mac and cheese but you want it to be on theme. Not only is this glorious mac bright red (lmao), but it also tastes exactly like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos combined with creamy mac and cheese goodness. And when I say this stuff is bright red, hoooo boi, I mean ICEE red. I mean Red Hots red, I mean potentially redder than the eponymous Cheetos themselves. They truly nailed it, and as Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo said, “They deserve a Nobel prize.”

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Some people’s favorite period snack is straight-up dark chocolate. These people are so sophisticated and suave, I don’t know if I want to be their best friend or simply be them. I bet they also drink red wine and talk about things like “the zeitgeist” and “stocks.” Anyway, my point is that even unbelievably cool people have periods and one of the best period snacks for them is this delicious dark chocolate bar. Danny described this chocolate bar as having, “that perfect balance of bitter, sweet, and salty”—again, just like you on your period.

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Van Leeuwen Honeycomb French Ice Cream

In general, ice cream is one of the best snacks for period cravings. It is like an ice pack for your hot-and-bothered soul. But THIS ice cream? This ice cream from Van Leeuwen is one of the best ice creams we tasted all year last year. Believe us, if it is good enough to make editor-in-chief Justine Sterling say “oh mama” out loud when she tried it, it is good enough for you. Gwynedd described this ice cream as “creamy as all get out,” and noted that it is “sweet and has bits of honeycomb scattered throughout.” Go get this and treat 👏 your 👏 self👏.

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