The Best Pool Snacks

Spending a day at the pool is both the most relaxing and chaotic thing imaginable. Ideally, you’d spend roughly four hours straight lying on a float without a worry in the world. In reality, you have to worry about a never ending list of things: not forgetting your sunglasses when you’re heading out, applying and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, and deciding what snacks to bring to give you the energy to do all this and more. There are a lot of limitations when it comes to snacks for the pool: they have to hold up in the heat be edible with gross, wet fingers; mostly, they have to lend themselves well to a lazy, relaxing day in the water. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve created a list of what we think make the best pool snacks.

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Cool Ranch Doritos

What’s the best snack for keeping cool by the pool? Cool Ranch Doritos—it’s right in the name (ba dum tisssss). But really, these are the GOAT ranch chips, not to mention one of the best pool snacks of all time. I feel like I don’t have to go to bat for these, but let me just paint you a picture: You’ve just hopped out of the pool, you open a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, and start digging in with your pruned fingers. The water on your hands creates a paste from the Cool Ranch flavor dust, and that paste settles into the grooves of your pruney fingers, creating the ultimate finger-licking experience. Mind blown!

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Fritos Chili Cheese

Imagine a piping-hot bowl of chili topped with a dollop of cool, tangy sour cream and a handful of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. It sounds delicious, but if you brought out a bowl of chili at the pool you’d sternly be asked to leave, even if it was at your own home. Thankfully, Fritos has the perfect solution. Chili Cheese Fritos are bursting with cheesy-chili flavor, plus they’re sturdy enough that you can enjoy them with even the wettest hands.

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Zapp’s Mesquite BBQ

Barbecue is a quintessential summertime flavor, and although I’d easily admit that an afternoon by the pool is best paired with a set of ribs on the grill, I’m a lazy person. Firing up the Weber and smoking your own meats is the antithesis of a relaxing day, which is why we can lean on Zapp’s Mesquite BBQ chips to satisfy our cravings. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart described them as having “such a deep smoky flavor you could be convinced the potatoes themselves were smoked before they were sliced and deep fried,” which makes these the perfect substitute for a barbecue-less day at the pool.

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Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. Buffalo Dill

Have you ever had a crisp pickle by the pool? How about barbecued chicken wings covered in buffalo sauce? Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to combine the two flavors? This buffalo dill vegan jerky from Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. is the frankensteinian creation of two unlikely poolside siblings, and we’re here for it. Although I love beef jerky, it can be kind of heavy under the sun, so this vegan alternative is a welcome substitution.

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Late July Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips

The best snack for the pool is one that you can enjoy all on its own. You’re probably thinking this disqualifies tortilla chips because what would they be without salsa or guacamole? Take it from me as an ex-picky eater who hated tomatoes and avocados, it can be done! Senior writer Jordan Myrick called these “probably the only tortilla chips [they] could still enjoy eating sans dip.” Late July Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips have loads of flavor straight out of the bag, so the only dipping you have to worry about is the dipping you’ll be doing in the pool.

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Fruit by the Foot

Fruit can start to spoil in the heat, but fruit leather? That’s indestructible! Do a pool day like you would have when you were 9 and just toss some of these roll-ups in your tote bag. No, it probably won’t satisfy quite like freshly sliced watermelon, but you also won’t have to wipe a bunch of watermelon juice off your sticky, sunscreen-slathered chest. Sometimes the best pool snacks are the easiest snacks. Also, these hardly qualify as food, so you won’t have to wait 30 minutes after eating to hit the water again.

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