The Best Sauce for Onion Rings

You might think this is meant to be a roundup of all the best sauces for onion rings but you’d be mistaken. This is actually a way to celebrate Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick. See, Jordan’s a firm believer that all foods should come with more sauce, and that of course goes for onion rings, too. This list is a (not so secret) Trojan Horse to deliver the best of Jordan’s thoughts on several delicious sauces, so strap in and get ready to find out what to dip onion rings in! 

J.L. Kraft Special Burger Sauce

There is one thing I think Burger King does right: they make a mean onion ring (and we’re not even talking about the magic of that lone onion ring that unexpectedly makes its way into your bag). If you’re wondering what to dip onion rings in, J.L. Kraft Special Burger sauce is a solid pick because it reminds me of Burger King’s onion ring dip. it has a horseradish-y vibe to it and, as Jordan put it, “it’s so zippy and salty and savory.” This is the best sauce for onion rings if you’re looking to pay homage to a fast food titan.

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Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup

You might reach for ketchup out of habit when you’re looking for what to dip onion rings in, but no ordinary ketchup will hold up to the power of an onion ring. It’s best to reach for Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup for this task, because the added roasted garlic, chilies, and ginger can meet the onion rings where they are (Flavortown, baby). It’s the best sauce for onion rings when you want a more interesting take on a classic condiment.

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Caramelized Onion Bitchin’ Sauce

On a recent episode of Good Mythical More, Jordan revealed a unique snack proclivity. Jordan likes to eat their onion dip with pieces of raw onion as the “chip,” so we figure that makes this oniony dip one of best sauces for onion rings. Jordan’s one qualm with Caramelized Onion Bitchin’ Sauce is that it doesn’t have enough onion flavor, so this is the perfect solution—add more onion by dunking rings! If you’re an onion lover who’s pondering what to dip onion rings in, this is your answer.

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Market Pantry Spicy Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Zest reigns supreme when we’re looking for what to dip onion rings in, and Market Pantry Spice Chipotle Ranch Dressing is plenty zesty. Jordan (surprise, surprise) is a self-proclaimed flavor freak and they love this ranch because it doesn’t taste like ranch—it has a flavor all its own and it’s easy to fall in love with. The best sauce for onion rings should be bold, unique, and fun, and this covers all those bases. Give this a try with your next batch of onion rings and see if it opens a world of new ranch dressings to add into your daily life.

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Heinz Mayoracha

Heinz Mayoracha is Sporked’s latest obsession and rightfully so; it’s a great quality mayo mixed with the most delicious sriracha in a gimmicky bottle—it’s an easy sell! Simplicity makes for the best sauce for onion rings, so instead of mixing up your own sriracha mayo, grab a bottle of this and you’ll use it for a lot more than onion rings.

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  • Tartar sauce!

  • Mayochep!

  • May I suggest: HONEY. It’s my fave. It goes so well with the fat and salt from the onion rings!