The Best Burger Sauce (aka Secret Sauce, aka Special Sauce, aka Spread)

The best burger sauce is sweet and tangy. It’s creamy and rich and thick. It adds flavor without overpowering everything else on your burger. Last but not least, it holds all your toppings in place.

I think burger sauce is the best part of the burger. I know a lot of people will scoff at that, but burger sauce is delicious! I had been hoarding In-N-Out “spreads” in my fridge because I didn’t realize how many store-bought burger sauce options there are. Now I’m in the know and I want to share my knowledge with you. These are the results of our best burger sauce taste test.

best burger sauce

Best Creamy

Top Secret Recipes Special Burger Sauce

If you’re looking for a burger sauce that’s mild and really lets the burger patty shine, Top Secret Recipes is your best bet. It’s not super sweet or tangy. It is, however, extremely creamy. Top Secret Recipes Special Burger Sauce like mayo with a little extra oomph (and I mean that in the best way possible). This would be the best burger sauce to put on a wagyu beef burger that was carefully cooked by a meat enthusiast.

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Best Tangy

Great Value Secret Sauce

I’m a savory king, so Great Value Secret Sauce was a huge hit for me. It’s the best burger sauce for pickle lovers, for sure. There are huge chunks of pickle in this. It’s a little sweet but you mostly get tang, and that’s what I love about it. I want an Impossible smash burger loaded with raw onion and even more dill pickles absolutely drenched in this sauce. What can I say? I love flavor!

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best burger sauce

Most Surprising

J.L. Kraft Special Burger Sauce

This J.L. Kraft Burger Special Sauce was a standout in our best burger sauce taste test because it’s the only sauce for burgers that’s doing something unique. Most of the options we tried, while delicious, just taste like a slightly tweaked version of thousand island dressing. This, on the other hand, is totally different. It’s horseradish-y. It’s so zippy and salty and savory. If you don’t like sweetness in a burger sauce, this is a great option for you!

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best burger sauce

Best of the Best

Kroger Burger Special Sauce

Kroger Burger Special Sauce is the best burger sauce we tried. It’s everything you want in a sauce for burgers. It perfectly balances sweetness and tang. It’s thick and creamy. It adds to the burger without distracting from the flavor of the meat (or meat substitute) itself. I could (and did) eat spoonfuls of this stuff. Plus, it’s so affordable and easy to find! This is the burger sauce I’ll be slathering on sliders and brushing on burger burger buns from now on.

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Other Products We Tried: Sir Kensington, Sweet Baby Rays, Trader Joe’s

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  • The JL Kraft Burger Sauce is essentially what TRUE Russian Dressing tastes like!!!

    I also believe that is exactly what they were going for when they decided to produce it.

    There are a million brands of 1000 Island Dressing (none that remotely resemble the real McCoy), but the ONLY shelf stable bottled Russian Dressing you will find in a supermarket is either Ken’s or Wishbone’s acid trip interpretation that is basically gross bbq sauce!

    So the JL Kraft sauce fills the void on the grocery store shelf that the folks who enjoy real Russian Dressing have been staring into for quite some time!!!!