The Best Secret Sauce Combos, According to You

Every fast food place (or at least all the burger-related ones) have some form of secret sauce. Sometimes they actually call it “secret sauce” and make sure you know they are applying a sauce to your burger that they will NOT be elaborating on at this time, thank you very much. Other times it’s just a special sauce that exists only at one restaurant you love, but it’s a secret in that you have no idea what’s in it and you never will. But we can break this cycle of secrecy! In the name of more transparency in the food world, we asked y’all on Twitter what your favorite secret sauce combos were and, boy, did you deliver. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best secret sauce combos according to you and really get lost in the sauce.


I love ranch and BBQ sauce mixed up for french fries —@JoelleRae87

We love a classic branch. Throw that on anything from a burger to chicken tendies, and you can’t go wrong. It’s one of the secret sauce combos for the ages.

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The Grill Daddy’s Best Friend

Mayo, BBQ Rub (my homemade) and prepared horseradish from a jar. —@DuckingtonVon
Lordy, do I want to try this sauce on some good ol’ California Tri-Tip. This may be one of the best secret sauce ideas I have ever seen.

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Lost in the Sauces

Mayo, relish, ketchup, mustard, and soy sauce. Sometimes hoisin as a treat. —@eaglejournal

There is so much going on here that I can barely conceptualize it, but it reads like a tangy, umami, sometimes a bit sweeter thousand island, and I am HERE for it. “Thousand island adjacent” is one of the best secret sauce categories.

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Peanutty Goodness

Ketchup, sriracha, peanut butter, mayo. Instant satay/padthai-ish sauce. Bomb on grilled chicken or burgers. You can trust me. I’m a chef. —@sirlointhebeefy

OH MY GOD Y’ALL. I think @sirlointhebeefy has cracked the code. I’m making this sauce for my next cookout.

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Shrimp Sauce

I mix old bay seasoning with mayo to make a sauce for fried shrimp. —@sleepyanise

This sauce, simply put, sounds like a gosh darn delight.

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Mayomust With A Twist

kewpie mayo with some dijon mustard, a couple drops of aardvark sauce if im feeling spicy —@conley_devon

Spicier, creamier mustard? Sign me the heck up, @conley_devon.

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Sambal and Sour Cream

Sambal and sour cream. —@Bcrip

This just seems like it would be good. The almost cheesy tanginess of the sour cream with the spicy, garlicky, tangy sambal? Ugh, chef’s kiss.

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Sweeter Chili Sauce

I mean you have to cook it but pineapple juice and sweet chile sauce —@brdhousenmyyard

I’ve always wondered how one could possibly make sweet chili sauce sweeter than it already is, and now I have my answer. I am SO curious what this tastes like.

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Ketchup-cue? Barbechup?

2/3rds ketchup, 1/3rd baby rays bbq. —@MeatPopcicle22
I mean, the smoky sweetness of this combo with literally anything grilled, fried, or baked seems like a home run.

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The Classic Spicy Ranch

Kens buttermilk ranch and franks hot sauce 😋 —@destined4doom

This will never not be a good combo. Never. Please continue to spicify your ranch, kiddos!

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