The 5 Best Flavored Seltzers to Mix With Tequila

When I was in college, tequila was the most divisive liquor. Some of my friends gleefully lined up shooters with salt and lime while others looked on in horror. But if you’re a tequila lover who wants to turn some loved ones on to all its glory, here are some great seltzer options to help the medicine go down.

Grapefruit Bubly

Not only is this Sporked’s number one Bubly flavor, but Sporked head honcho Justine Sterling makes the bold claim that this version outranks LaCroix’s Pamplemousse. Now, I know you may be thinking, “Sacre bleu! Qu’est-ce que c’est?!” And I respond with the only French I know, “Oui, mon ami,” it’s that good. It’s super fragrant and flavorful, making it an excellent replacement for grapefruit soda in a lighter take on a Paloma.

Guava Sao Paolo Lacroix

LaCroix went crazy with this one, and it works. Guava is a unique fruit. It’s tropical and tart and also floral. And it’s perfect with the vegetal flavors of a blanco tequila. You’ll often see guava flavored Margaritas on menus. This LaCroix flavor is an easy way to replicate those without pulling out the blender.

Severed Lime Liquid Death

Destroy your thirst! Liquid Death is the most metal of all seltzers, perfect for the headbanger in your life (aka me, buy me this). It is also unique in the lime seltzer market because it uses agave syrup to add some sweetness along with a pleasant lime taste. Um, sorry, not pleasant. I mean BRUTAL. Lime and tequila is a match made in heaven (plus tequila is made from agave), so this is a no-brainer.

Mango Bubly

Every dad and uncle likes the Eagles, it’s a scientific fact. And their song “Tequila Sunrise” sings the praises of the classic cocktail that mixes orange juice and tequila. A Mango Tequila Sunrise feels like the Millennial/Gen Z version of the drink, and as soon as Taylor Swift writes a song about it, it will be cemented in history. Channel this made up cocktail by mixing tequila with Mango Bubly, which is probably the most mango of all the mango seltzer brands out there.

Lime Spindrift

As “extreme” as the Severed Lime Liquid Death is, it cannot reach the lime heights of the Spindrift version. This is SO lime-y, it’s almost like drinking straight-up lime juice. It can be overpowering on its own (if you aren’t an absolute metalhead like me), but paired with tequila takes it to a whole other level. Every sip is like jamming a lime slice in your mouth after a shot. That’s a good thing.

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