The 5 Best Snacking Cheeses to Eat Anywhere, Anytime

Sometimes you just need cheese—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But what if you have somewhere to be? That’s where snacking cheese comes in. Snacking cheeses are at the very intersection of comfort and get-up-and-go, just like sweat pants or canned wine. You can barely go wrong with snacking cheese as it is, but these cheeses are the best of the best.

Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese Snacks

Credit: Ryan Martin / Target

Eating this cheese is like eating the baby version of a full block of cheese—Block Jr., if you will. Now, Block Jr. and I have gone on many adventures to the movies, in the car, bouncing around in my at-home office chair, and I can, in fact, report that she’s an all-terrain kind of cheese. It’s an appropriate, socially acceptable amount of cheese to have in public settings. Block Jr. ranks a full ten on the versatility scale in that it is the perfect size for breaking off into chunks for an impromptu cheese and cracker board.

Sargento Colby Jack Cheese Snack Sticks

Credit: Ryan Martin / Target

Colby Jack is simply one of the best cheeses around. You mean I get to enjoy the slight nuttiness of colby cheese combined with the buttery flavor of Monterey Jack–on the go?? Sign me UP! These snacking sticks are a really great supplementary cheese to a breakfast or great for moments when the only answer is to have a stick of cheese. Design wise, Sargento made a bold move by opting to shape the cheese into a wand. This is a great option for string cheese eaters who prefer their cheese in stick form.

Good & Gather Mini String Cheese Bites

Speaking of string cheese, Good & Gather is looking out for the people who crave the satisfaction of pulling apart cheese but aren’t ready to commit to a full string cheese. Unlike regular sized string cheeses, which typically come individually packaged, these are all together in one bag, which reduces plastic waste. The pull factor that is unique to string cheese is unbelievably delightful and to be able to experience it so many times across a single bag is a gift in and of itself.

Belgioioso Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Snack Pack

Credit: Ryan Martin / Vons

I never knew I craved tiny balls of mozzarella before discovering these snack packs. They’re perfect for when you crave a mild cheese or are making a very small salad. These are the shots of the cheese world, because you truly can just knock some back and go on about your business. Each pack contains three bite-sized mozzarella balls, which seems like a nice way to pace your cheese consumption, however, I must warn that they are as easy to inhale as they are adorable.

Mini Babybel Semisoft Cheeses

Credit: Ryan Martin / Target

The feeling of peeling the wax away from these cheeses really can’t be beat. I also love that the wax acts as a little barrier between my hands and the cheese so that I, A. Don’t accidentally scent things with my cheesy hands and, B. Taint the cheese and expose it to the elements. I like my cheese as pristine as my hands and Babybel understands that. I want to give a medal to whoever at Babybel decided to begin sealing these cheeses in wax because I am the adult child who loves to play with the malleable wax after finishing the cheese. The cheese itself is perfectly salted and can be eaten alone or with a cracker in the other hand (unless that other hand is still playing with the wax).

The Best Cheeses at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is for cheese. It is the reason to go to Trader Joe’s over another grocery store. Sure, the dips are okay and the frozen section can occasionally feature some strong offerings, but the cheese selection is something different.

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  • I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten a cheese stick and felt it. It’s like they don’t contain matter. It’s like nothing went into my body. Is…is this…just me? Anyone?

    • No, this is not just you. You need Babybel. I sound like I work for them or something… (I do not)

  • There is a concerning lack of Croc Bites in this list.

  • I disagree with the babybell option because it tastes like the wax that it comes in! It absolutely has an after taste of the wax. yuch!