5 Must-Buy Black Friday Gifts for Kitchen Organization & Space Saving

Black Friday is upon us and it’s time to use your spending power for good instead of evil. It’s easy to buy a ton of stuff when the Black Friday deals are good! I want to prevent you, though, from buying stuff you don’t need that will take up more space in your home.

This Black Friday gift guide consists of organization-friendly kitchen items I either actually own or want. Don’t let the end of the week sneak up on you. Go into the day after Thanksgiving with a solid plan of what to buy on Black Friday!

Carote Pots and Pans Set

I haven’t used these pans, but I’m very excited about their potential. They have detachable handles so they can transform from pot to bowl to storage vessel. This cuts down on cleaning time, which we love. Because it’s multi-use, it also takes up less room in your cabinet. Right now, Amazon has a $50 off coupon and the set could be even cheaper on Black Friday.

Ball Reusable Food Storage Lids

I am obsessed with these. You can use them on mason jars to store leftovers or dry goods. You can also use them on food jars from the store. Say goodbye to transferring everything to Tupperware! 

WhiteRhino Hourglass Jar with Strainer

This product is genius. It has a built-in strainer to keep you from having to dunk your fingers into the liquid-filled jar. Stuff it with pickles or olives or pickled jalapenos for clean and dainty snacking. It’s the perfect way to store anything pickled. You should buy multiple of these for your house and they also make excellent gifts!

4 in-1 Cutting Board

This cutting board isn’t just a cutting board. It’s a cutting board, defrosting tray, knife sharpener, and garlic grater. It takes up the same amount of space as a regular cutting board and allows you to get rid of multiple other tools, freeing up space in your kitchen!

Rice Dispenser

I bought one of these last Black Friday and I’m so glad I did. I used to just keep a gigantic bag of rice on my counter closed up with a chip clip. It looked bad and wasn’t keeping my rice as fresh as possible. This rice dispenser is much more aesthetically pleasing and will actually keep creepy crawlers out of your grains. Buy one, rice lovers! You won’t regret it.

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