Your Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner Menu (and the Total Cost)

It should come as no surprise that you can get everything you need for Thanksgiving at Whole Foods. They have produce. They have turkeys. Duh. But did you know you could get a Whole Foods Thanksgiving dinner that’s almost all premade or at least prepped and ready to cook? And Whole Foods isn’t Whole Paycheck anymore. You can actually find some pretty good deals there (yes, that’s probably because it’s owned by Amazon now, but what isn’t? I mean we aren’t…yet…but pretty much everything else is so feel free to enjoy Whole Foods’ high ceilings and pleasant lighting and get yourself a lunch treat from the in-store sushi bar). I browsed the online and in-store aisles of Whole Foods to find everything you need for a Whole Foods Thanksgiving meal. Check out the menu and find out the cost of a Whole Foods Thanksgiving dinner at the bottom of the page. 

The Appetizer: Deviled Eggs ($5.99 for 6)

Deviled eggs are a classic holiday appetizer for good reason—they’re delicious. But they are time consuming to make if you’re already on the hook for a full feast. You can get them premade from Whole Foods—dusted with paprika and ready to go. Set them out on a platter (bonus points if you have one of those deviled egg plates with the egg-shaped indents) and walk away. They’ll be gone before you make it back to the kitchen. 

The Main: Oven Ready Turkey ($79.99)

This prepped turkey comes rubbed with herb butter atop a bed of chopped onion, carrot, and celery. It’s even oven-ready in a roasting pan. All you need to do is preheat the oven. That’s the joy of a Whole Foods Thanksgiving dinner—it’s like having an unseen sous chef. And if you really don’t want to risk it, you can totally buy a pre-cooked turkey in small, medium, or large. Did you know turkeys were sized like t-shirts? 

The Vegetarian Main: Mushroom & Root Vegetable en Croute ($14.99)

Give the vegetarians something more than a plate of sides with this heat-and-eat vegan main. It consists of vegan puff pastry filled with mushroom and root vegetables. It’s not quite a vegan Wellington, but it’s pretty close. Each one serves two people, so plan accordingly. 

The Side: 365 Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce ($2.79)

You simply cannot have Thanksgiving (even Whole Foods Thanksgiving) without cranberry sauce. Luckily, 365 got in on the canned cranberry sauce game so you can get this whole berry canned cranberry sauce to complete the meal (and, more importantly, the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches). 

The Side: 365 Limited Edition Organic Stuffing Mix, Traditional with Chicken Flavor ($3.49)

Yes, a Whole Foods Thanksgiving means Whole Foods branded boxed stuffing. Even though it’s “chicken flavored” this stuffing mix is vegetarian, so you don’t have to keep it from your veggie guests. It’s a fairly bare bones mix, so feel free to add some extra vegetables or crumbled sausage if you want to de-vegetarianize it. 

The Side: 365 Instant Mashed Potatoes ($1.99)

Instant mashed potatoes are way better than they have any right to be. We’ve tasted a lot of them and more often than not they are perfectly satisfactory if not just as good as homemade mashed potatoes. These instant mashed potatoes from 365 are made with dehydrated potatoes and dehydrated potatoes alone, so you’ll definitely want to customize them with some seasoning, butter, and a sprinkle of chives for good measure. 

The Side: Vegan Macaroni & Cheese ($9.99 / lb)

This prepared vegan mac and cheese is made with big, honking pasta shells, vegan cheddar cheese, cashews, and yeast for that faux-cheesy flavor. The dish is also seasoned with grilled onion powder, garlic powder, and turmeric for an ultra-savory vegan take on a nouveau classic Thanksgiving side. These big shells are a fun twist on a side dish that everyone can enjoy. 

But if you’d prefer a non-vegan prepared mac and cheese, you can get that for the same price. 

The Bread: Butterflake Rolls ($8.99)

Pop this tray of buttery rolls into the oven for 3-5 minutes and you (and your rolls) are golden. Yes, $9 seems like a lot for bread, but this is a special occasion. It’s Whole Foods Thanksgiving! Splurge and be merry. 

The Dessert: Scarlett Pie ($15.99)

Whole Foods sells premade pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie, but you can get those at any grocery store. Leave the classic pies to other guests and opt for this limited edition (vegan) pie filled with pear, apple, figs, and cranberries. It’s an orgy of fall fruits, for gosh sakes. And it’s all topped with a walnut streusel. 

The Drink: Honeycrisp Apple Juice ($5.49)

If you’re serving kids, pour them a glass of this honeycrisp apple juice. If you’re serving those who are over 21, use it as the base of a Thanksgiving cocktail. Shake it with an ounce or two of rye whiskey and a drizzle of maple syrup, then top with sparkling water. Or warm it in a pot with some mulling spices for an end-of-the-meal mugful. 

Cost of Whole Foods Thanksgiving dinner: $147

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