What to Buy for a Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Trader Joe’s is good for more than just frozen appetizers and flavored mixed nuts. In fact, you can buy a whole, dang Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving dinner. But don’t wing it. Take our advice on which Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving items you should buy. They will delight and excite, helping you to chillax about any questionable political views that might be shared over the table by that one relative. Your Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving will be a hit, just follow this Trader Joe’s shopping list. 

The Appetizer: Syrah Soaked Toscano Cheese Spread & Dip ($5)

I don’t even like wine, but this wine-infused cheese just tastes mildly fruity and is pretty delicious. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart aptly described this as “fancy pimento cheese.”

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The Appetizer: Pastry Bites Feta Cheese & Caramelized Onions ($5.50)

This frozen app will get all the compliments. We’re talking delicate pastry bites infused with the subtle sweetness of caramelized onions, harmonizing perfectly with the creamy feta cheese and the irresistibly flaky dough. 

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The Main: Brined Bone-In Half Turkey Breast ($10 / lb ~ 2.5 lbs average)

If you don’t feel like cooking an entire turkey, then go with this juicy breast (sorry) instead. It’s half of a full turkey breast with the bone left in. It’s covered in garlic-herb butter and black pepper. It comes pre-brined AND fully cooked! So all you have to do is warm it in the oven. 

The Side: Mashed Sweet Potatoes ($3)

In a world full of regular mashed potatoes (a.k.a. predictability), this bag of frozen mashed sweet potatoes will stand out. The only ingredient listed on the bag is “sweet potatoes,” so you can dress it up however you want. 

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The Side: Cornbread Stuffing ($6)

If you are open to a new kind of stuffing experience, this cornbread stuffing could be an exciting option to try! The base of this dish consists of fluffy cornbread croutons seasoned with herbs. This stuffing also contains dried cranberries and roasted apples, making for a pleasant taste. 

The Bread: Olive Fougasse ($3.50)

It’s a competitive category, but if you enjoy olives, then this is the best bread at Trader Joe’s—and the best bread for your Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving dinner. Olives are dispersed throughout and they don’t miss the mark.

Note: DO NOT attempt to eat this without first heating it up. 

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The Drink: Trader Joe’s Spiced Cider ($4)

This big jug of spiced apple cider can be served cold or hot, spiked or not, making it the perfect drink for your Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving. It’s only available for a limited time, so grab an extra bottle or two for more seasoning drinking. 

The Dessert: Teeny Tiny Apple Pies ($5)

Forget making or even buying one big pie. Instead, get these adorable lil’ apple pies from Trader Joe’s. Sold four in a pack, they’re made with tart Northern Spy apples and topped with a brown sugar crumble. Pop them in the oven just to warm them up before serving. 

The Dessert: Salted Maple Ice Cream ($4)

We are so excited that Trader Joe’s Salted Maple Ice Cream is back! This sweet and salty dessert authentically captures the taste of maple. Writer Jordan Myrick described it as a real showstopper. It would be to die for atop those mini apple pies. The perfect finale for your Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving.

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Total cost of a Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving dinner: $61

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