The 5 Best Things We Tasted in March 2024

Welcome to March munch madness! From the launch of our regional soda Burp Bracket to the momentous day we tried all 20 jars Rao’s pasta sauce, we’ve had a busy month here at Sporked. Lucky for us, all the hustle means our shelves were stocked with exciting new food products to try. From delightful Laoban dumplings to a roasty Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate, here are five of the best things we tasted in March. (And be sure to follow us on Instagram for weekly roundups of the best things we’ve eaten!)

Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate

Stumptown’s cold brew concentrate gives your local hippie coffee shop a run for its money. These are quality beans, you guys, and they taste freshly roasted. The brew is strong, rich, and boldly bitter in the best way. It may seem pricey at around 11 bucks a bottle, but it’s meant to be diluted and should last you a while!

Karoun Tzatziki Labneh

Here at Sporked, we’re big fans of Karoun Dairies, a Hollywood-based dairy manufacturer known for their wide variety of Mediterranean dairy products. Their tzatziki labneh is one of our new faves. Unlike normal tzatziki dips, tzatziki with labneh means the yogurt has been doubly strained. The taste is complex, richer, and more flavorful—and it’s very hard to find at the grocery store. As I mentioned in our tzatziki ranking, “If you were to compare regular tzatzikis to ones with labne, it’s sort of like the difference between a mild, perfectly pleasant cheese and a more pungent, aged, sharp cheese. I legitimately don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand of tzatziki again. Sorry not sorry! 

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Laoban “Livin’ on the Vedge” Dumplings

It is a universally acknowledged truth that a single dumpling in possession of juicy meat must be tastier than a dumpling made of mushy veggies. Well, Laoban said screw your universal truths and start “livin’ on the vedge”! With thick, downright savory slices of shitake mushroom, crunchy bok choy, and spicy Chinese chili crisp, these veggie dumplings will, without a doubt, make you believe in love again. I’d marry you tomorrow, Laoban. But only if you cater the wedding with dumplings. 

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Ben & Jerry’s PB S’mores

Gigantic chunks of peanut butter? Gooey marshmallows and crunchy graham crackers? Need I say more? This recent addition to Ben & Jerry’s flavor lineup totally blew us away. The ice cream is fluffy and creamy, with a beautiful toastiness that mimics marshmallows cooked over a flame. If you love peanut butter, you will try this and freak out—the peanut butter cups are finger-licking good, you guys.

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Trader Joe’s Fruity Gummy Candies

A TJ’s cashier told us to try these, and, hey, that’s why word of mouth is so important! These fruit gummies are so yummy. They have the perfect texture—a smooth, lightly sugar-dusted outer coating and a soft, squishy, biteable center. They contain mango puree and real fruit juice concentrates and taste super fruity as a result. The light-pink grapefruit gummy is particularly unique—zesty and slightly bitter, not something you’d find in your garden variety bag of gummies. You can buy these on Amazon for $12, but uh, don’t do that? Go to Trader Joe’s. They’re, like, $2. 

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