Our Regional Soda Bracket Is Down to the Fizzy Four!

UPDATE: This round is closed, please vote in the finals.

That big college basketball tournament is just starting, but, much more importantly, the Sporked Burp Bracket is down to the Fizzy Four! After the first round of voting, we had to bid adieu to some beloved regional sodas. We hardly knew ye, Faygo Rock & Rye, Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda, Izze Sparkling Blackberry, and Shasta Tiki Punch! 

Now it’s time to vote for which two sodas will make it to the finals. 

See, this isn’t like your basketball bracket, where you simply sit back and watch your dreams of glory go up in flames after the team you picked to go all the way blows it in the first round. If your hometown soda didn’t make it through round one, pick another pony, baby! You’re still in this thing! Here are the matchups: 

Boylan Black Cherry (Mid-Atlantic) vs. Cheerwine (Southeast)

Big Red (Southwest) vs. Jones Cream Soda (Northwest)

Some of these contests were CLOSE. Big Red beat Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda (Northeast) by just 36 votes. And Boylan Black Cherry beat Faygo Rock & Rye (Midwest) by just 58 votes. The other contests were pretty decisive—y’all really love Cheerwine! 

Vote now in Round 2 and then come back next Friday, March 29 to find out which two sodas will be going head to head to be named the best regional soda of them all. Voting in Round 2 ends at 3 p.m. PST on Thursday, March 28.

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  • WHERE’S CACTUS COOLER YOU COWARDS! THAT IS MY REGIONAL DRINK, NOT SOME STUPID ASS RED CREAM SODA THAT IVE NEVER HEARD OF… (I love you guys here at sporked!) THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I was just talking to a Midwestern friend who recently moved here to California and they’d never seen/had cactus cooler before so it was a REVELATION! theyougot it was, and I quote, “really tasty” and I was hoping to be able to vote for it but I see now that it was not included and I just wanna know why. <3

  • It would be so cool to have this for every country in the world so that us Overseas Beasts could participate :))