Best Things We Ate This Week (June 26-30)

Every week, the Sporked team sidles up to the tasting table and sets out to find the absolute best of the best packaged foods, the gold hidden in the grocery aisles. Each week we’ll bring you five standouts that truly rocked our taste buds and changed our lives—or at least our buying habits. Here are the best things we ate this week.

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Trader Joe’s Lamb Vindaloo

As we make our way through all of the Trader Joe’s Indian products, we have tried a few we’ve really enjoyed. The lamb vindaloo is at the top of that list. The sauce is incredibly flavorful. The meat is tender (though we wish there was more of it). The best part of this frozen entree, though, is the rice. This is some of the best rice I’ve ever had. It is so soft and moist and flavorful. The one thing to note about this Vindaloo is that it’s not particularly spicy. That could be a pro or a con for you, but we felt we should mention it.

SOMOS Cuatro Chiles Taqueria Salsa

This salsa manages to be both roasted and fresh. It has the perfect level of chunk-age. It’s actually spicy! I have sung the praises of SOMOS before, because this Mexican-owned company makes damn good products. This was the first of their salsas I’ve had the pleasure of trying and I’m certainly glad I did. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Shop SOMOS!

Southwestern Queso SunChips Made with Black Beans

These are a wonderful take on the classic SunChip. They are crunchy and cheesy and have a little kick. The black beans and whole grains give it a nice texture. I would eat handfuls of these on their own or be thrilled to dip them in, you guessed it, more queso!

Black Truffle and Sea Salt Boursin Gournay Cheese

We all know and love the classic Boursin, but did you know they have a new flavor that just came out? This black truffle and sea salt flavor better stick around forever, because if it doesn’t, the Sporked staff is going to absolutely freak. This stuff is tasty! The truffle flavor is present, but not too much. This would be bonkers in the viral feta TikTok pasta, but it is obviously great on its own, too.

La Terra Fina Caramelized Onion with Roasted Garlic Dip

This is, hands down, one of the best store-bought dips I have ever tasted. It is so creamy and rich. You get both caramelized onions (which makes sense because it’s literally packed with them) and roasted garlic. La Terra Fina does dip right, and this is one of their best.

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