Everything You Need to Make the Best Breakfast Sandwich at Home

Making breakfast sandwiches is an art form. There are so many components that can make or break a perfect portable morning meal. That’s where we come in. In our many in-office taste tests, we’ve found all of the best breakfast sandwich ingredients, from the best bacon if you like ‘em porky to the best biscuits if you like ‘em fluffy and filling. Here’s our guide to the best hand-held breakfast of your life.

Best Bacon

best bacon
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target

If you like your breakfast sandwiches meaty, smoky, and salty, you simply must buy the best bacon. Whether you like it thick and floppy or thin and crispy, we have a bacon for you.

Best Breakfast Sausage

best breakfast sausage
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target

Some people prefer sausage to bacon when it comes to breakfast sandwiches, and we have them covered, too. The best breakfast sausages—links and patties alike—will be a dream on a homemade breakfast sandwich.

Best Canadian Bacon

best canadian bacon

Canadian bacon is the perfect shape and size for a homemade breakfast sandwich. If you like your meat thick and processed, we can help you make your ideal breakfast sandwich.

Best Turkey Bacon

best turkey bacon
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

Turkey bacon is lower in fat and free of pork, making it a necessary breakfast option for many (like me, a non-pork eater). These turkey bacons will make you forget about pig-based bacon entirely. Use these when making breakfast sandwiches that are lighter and healthier.

Best Plant-Based Bacon

best plant-based bacon
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Walmart / Target / Instacart

If you don’t do meat at all, don’t worry! There are some really wonderful options for vegan bacon. Pile these on bread for a vegan homemade breakfast sandwich that will even please a meat-eater.

Best Vegan Egg Substitutes

egg alternatives

Vegans can have eggs, too! Vegan egg substitutes, that is. We found three vegan egg substitutes that we really enjoy. Pick your plant-based poison.

Best Store Bought Biscuits

best store-bought biscuits
Credit: Paula Kunatee / Sarah Demonteverde / Target / Walmart / Ralph’s / Instacart

In my opinion, biscuits are best for making breakfast sandwiches. Before you bust out the flour and lard, check out some store bought biscuits that taste as good as homemade.

Best English Muffins (Gluten Free English Muffins, Too)

best english muffins
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / iStock / Stone and Skillet / Walmart

English muffins have a strong fan base and you couldn’t make homemade Egg McMuffins without them. If you like nooks and crannies, check out this list.

Best Bagels

best store bought bagels
Credit: Liv Averett / Door Dash / Instacart

Feel like you’re walking down the streets of NYC by making a breakfast sandwich on one of the best store bought bagels. Plus, it’s  cheaper than buying a breakfast sandwich at a bagel chain.

Best American Cheese

best american cheese
Credit: Merc / Instacart / Target

American cheese is the cheese for a breakfast sandwich. If you don’t agree, I do not want to hear it. You are wrong.

Best Hot Sauce

best hot sauce
Credit: Merc

I love the combo of sweet, salty, and savory, so I always add a dash of hot sauce to my homemade breakfast sandwiches. We ranked 11 hot sauces, giving you plenty of options to spice up your breakfast!

Best Pancake Syrup

best pancake syrup
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Walmart / Amazon / Costco / Target / Ralphs

A little sweet with your savory homemade breakfast sandwich is delicious. Add a drizzle of any of these pancake syrups over your sandwich to make it really taste like breakfast.

Best Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

best frozen breakfast sandwiches

No time to cook your own breakfast sandwich? No worries! Here are six delicious frozen breakfast sandwiches that you can toss in the microwave before heading out the door.

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