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As the much-anticipated season three premiere of Bridgerton is here, the ton is abuzz with excitement, intrigue, and gaggles of eligible young ladies hastily filling their social calendars with Bridgerton watch parties. (This author has been fortunate enough to receive no less than four such invitations! One can only imagine the envious whispers circulating amongst the members of the ton less favored.) If you were lucky enough to receive an invitation to a sumptuous Regency-inspired soiree—or better yet, plan to host a Bridgerton themed party of your own—then this humble writer implores you to read on.*Cue the theme music.* 

Okay, I’m going to drop the Lady Whistledown voice for a minute. As someone who has seen all of Bridgerton (at least twice) and read nearly every Bridgerton book (some more than twice), I clearly pitched this Bridgerton watch party food and beverage guide to my editor as a passion project. Despite popular opinion, Bridgerton is not about one lonely woman’s desire to experience romance vicariously through a TV show! (That’s only part of it!) It’s also about rediscovering the joy of a good romcom, celebrating the female gaze, admiring pretty clothes, and connecting with friends. If you have any Bridgerton party ideas you want to share, leave a comment! Netflix has already renewed the show for season four, and while I fear that Benedict’s glow-up may disrupt the fabric of time (can that man get any hotter? I don’t think so), this writer still plans to update her Bridgerton food guide for future premieres—with the help of her gentle readers. 

Below, I’ve listed some standouts from the official Bridgerton branded food and drinks you can find in-stores. Let’s make your watch party the most remarkable coup of the season, shall we? 

Bridgerton Teas

Republic of Tea has a line of Bridgerton themed teas modeled after all of the major character and important character pairings. For example, Colin & Penelope have a ginger peach vanilla tea that feels very #Polin, if you ask me. (His personality is bright and zingy, like ginger, and, c’mon, she is so peach vanilla.) All of the Bridgerton siblings have their own flavor, and there’s even a ginger biscuit tea for Kate’s corgi, Newton. Obviously, these would be perfect for any Bridgerton tea party, but this author also recommends them as thoughtful gifts for the party host.  

Bridgerton Beverage Mixes

Along with Bridgerton-inspired treats and jarred preserves, Williams Sonoma has a line of Bridgerton beverage mixes: Elderflower Flavored Lemonade, Blood Orange Blossom Fizz, and Honey Ginger Tonic. These lean pretty heavily into a garden theme, so why not put all of the real (and fake) plants you have in the living room, tell your guests to bring a few bouquets, and serve these floral Bridgerton drinks like you’re a viscountess with her own garden gazebo. And hey, for a drinking game, here’s an idea: Take a sip every time Colin calls Penelope his “friend.” 

Bridgerton Floral Petit Fours

Yes, Williams Sonoma’s spread of 30 individual petit fours (dainty, lavender petal-adorned pastries made of vanilla pound cake, mascarpone buttercream, strawberry preserves, and white chocolate fondant) is indeed $60. But it’s also ridiculously cute—an aesthetic masterpiece fit for the queen herself. And hey, if the aristocracy is known for anything, it’s unnecessarily lavish spending. If you really want to give your guests a showstopper, consider splurging for these! (Or just look at them longingly, like I have, whenever I crave a sweet treat.)

Bridgerton Lavender Honey

This lavender honey (also from Williams Sonoma) would make the perfect addition to any Bridgerton tea party. Sweeten your tea, spread it on fancy cheeses or flaky biscuits, or hand it out as a decorative party favor. Williams Sonoma also offers a Bridgerton Passion Fruit Curd, if you’re looking for more tea sandwich spreads to fit the theme. 

Bridgerton Coffee Creamers

If you’re planning an all-day binge watching affair, you may want to keep a pot of coffee or English Breakfast tea on hand…and the perfect creamer to go along with it. International Delight partnered with Shondaland to release three Bridgerton-themed products sold at retailers nationwide: Berries & Créme Coffee Creamer, English Toffee Coffee Creamer, and Berries & Creme Iced Coffee. We actually taste-tested these ourselves, and as I’ve already reported to the palace, the creamers are especially delightful.

Bridgerton Paper Party Pack

Don’t want to break out the fine china? This Bridgerton themed party pack (available at Target, comes with dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery. Are they a little kitschy? Maybe. But so is Bridgerton, after all. Personally, this author thinks the gold and navy blue cutlery is quite elegant (and convenient), but feel free to pass your own judgment on that, gentle reader. 

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