We Tried Club’s New Chardonnay-Infused Crackers, Here’s What We Thought

Wine and cheese and crackers are a beautiful throuple. But what if the wine and the crackers ditched the cheese and joined into a co-dependent union? Behold, the new Club x Butter Chardonnay Minis—Chardonnay-infused crackers. The new, special edition wine crackers are currently available for purchase as part of the Ultimate Butter Box (crackers, canned  wine, and an insulated tote) at ButterClubMinis.com in limited daily drops. But are they worth setting your alarm? We tasted the wine-infused crackers to find out.

Club x Butter Chardonnay Minis

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Club x Butter Chardonnay Minis

Ever wished crackers tasted like wine? Well, consider Club your own personal genie because your wish has been granted. These new Club crackers taste EXACTLY like Chardonnay—plus a little salt and a bit more yeast. It’s wild. It’s truly something that must be experienced if you are in any way curious. You get the oak. You get the fruitiness. You get the buttery finish. These are wine crackers. I took a sip of Butter Chardonnay after taking a bite of one of the crackers and it was even more impressive. The two taste very similar but also go together perfectly. I do think a little cheese would be welcome—not necessarily wine-infused cheese, either. Something has to be sober in this equation. My only quibble with these mini Chardonnay-infused crackers is how very, very mini they are. They are about the size of a thumbnail. They are small—far too small to support anything bigger than a cheese shred. I’m honestly just not sure how to eat them—by the handful? If Club made these in a bigger size—big enough to handle a full slice of cheddar—then I think they’d have a real hit on their hands. In the meantime, if you do manage to snag a box of these wine crackers, they definitely belong on your next cheese board. Scatter them around as if they were almonds. And don’t forget the wine.

Credit: Liv Averett / Club x Butter




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