Is Piña Colada-Flavored Popcorn the Snack of Summer?

Do cocktails and snacks mix? Not, like, should you eat a bag of Sour Cream & Onion Lay’s with that Whiskey Coke (the answer to that question is obviously yes). I’m talking about cocktail flavored snacks. For instance, Bloody Mary-flavored popcorn is a hard yes. Savory, crispy, delicious. Likewise, you’ve got Champagne-flavored gummy bears and Margarita-flavored jelly beans. Both excellent in my opinion. But the idea of a Piña Colada-flavored popcorn starts pushing some psychological boundaries. Popcorn can be sweet, sure, but popcorn flavored like one of the sweetest tropical cocktails known to man (seriously, I barely made it through our Piña Colada mix taste test without disrupting my insulin levels) sounds a little weird. We tried new Lesser Evil Piña Colada popcorn to find out whether it deserves a spot in the cocktail snack pantheon.

lesser evil pina colada popcorn

New Product!

Lesser Evil x Rind Piña Colada Popcorn

If you like kettle corn, you’re going to like this. It’s sweet (but not too sweet) and just a little bit salty. Overall, I’d say the flavor is pretty neutral, but it definitely has a coconutty richness and just a hint of pineapple’s citrusy tang. If you want a sweet snack after dinner but don’t want to OD on sugar, this is a good option. Part of the reason I think this flavor profile works is that Lesser Evil popcorn is always made with coconut oil; if you’re familiar with their products (we especially love their “No Cheese” Cheesiness and Oh My Ghee varieties), the enhanced coconut flavor will make sense.

Personally, I wouldn’t rush out to buy another bag of this (I like savory popcorn better than sweet popcorn). But if you’re looking for a reasonably healthy and downright tropical-tasting snack to enjoy on the beach, give this a shot!




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