8 Food Takes That Will Get You Cancelled, According to Twitter

Every living person has at least one weird opinion about food. If you don’t think you do, look inward. Maybe your weird food opinion is that none of your food opinions are weird. That being said, people don’t usually share these opinions with others. Whether that’s due to shame, fear of judgment, or worse, starting a TikTok trend, for the most part, people tend to keep their food hot takes to themselves.

That all ended yesterday when Twitter user @trichesfaucons posted this and the proverbial food opinion floodgates swung open:

Here at Sporked, we sort of specialize in cancellable food takes. Staff writer Jordan Myrick not only thinks sauce should be eaten like soup but that a spoonful of yellow mustard is a suitable substitute for a cup of coffee.

She’s not alone in her controversial ways. Here’s a list of some of the best “cancellable” opinions I came across, ranging from “I’d actually try that” to “I have never seen anything this wrong and I never wish to again.”

“Pasta isn’t that good.” — @benbaldwin

Um, yes it is. Have you ever picked a warm, buttery piece of pasta out of a pot, put a small ocean’s worth of salt on it, and shoved it in your mouth? This is pasta in its purest form, and it is better than most things on this earth (including new car smell and snow days).

“Cut the top off a burrito with a knife, take a fork, and eat the burrito contents like a bowl.” — @EvanHillHB

This take is what I like to call “absofrootley ridonkulous.” Isn’t the point of a burrito to get that glorious, pillowy cross-section of a bite with all of the ingredients blending together harmoniously? I’m sorry, I cannot support this take. Get a burrito bowl if you must, but please do not vivisect your beautiful burrito bebé. Please.

“‘Too much cheese’ exists.” — @KryzivenTake2

Nope 🙂

“Eggnog and Sprite is an elite non-alcoholic winter drink.” — @HustleChillson

To be honest, I would try this. I would try this exactly once.

 “Bananas are good but banana-flavored foods are trash. Cherries are mid but cherry-flavored foods are delicious. I will not elaborate.” — @BookishPlinko

Honestly, I have kind of secretly felt this way for years. Anyone else?

“Mixing candy corn into peanuts is like delicious sweet & salty crack to me and I am not ashamed.” —@greenkayak73

No joke, I want to try this right the heck now. The salty peanuts and the sweet and vaguely vanilla-y candy corn seem like they would mix as you chew them and essentially become the inside of a Reese’s. Ugh, now my mouth is watering.

 “Banana belongs on pizza and is delicious.” —@ChaelaT182

Does it? Why? Where did you get this idea? And once again, why?As someone who actually LOVES pineapple on pizza, and knows banana ketchup exists and is delicious you’d think I would go for this, but banana on pizza seems like one step too far. Maybe we need to rein it in a little.

 “Tomatoes are a human sneeze in the form of a plant.” — @DistractedAnna

Y’all. We found Link a tomato-hating friend! Is this opinion still cancellable? Absolutely. But, if we’re being honest, the real cancellable food opinions were the friends we made along the way.

What food opinion is getting you cancelled? Tell us in the comments.

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