Candies That Should Be Cereals

Candy-and-cereal mashups are big these days, whether we’re talking candy bars filled with popular cereals (how we love you, Fruity Pebbles eggs) or cereals inspired by popular candies. Reese’s Puffs are an ol’ cereal aisle standby at this point, but the recent release of General Mills’ Kit Kat Cereal got us thinking: What other beloved candies would make good breakfast cereals? Here are seven sweet ideas.

Sour Punch Bites

This red, blue, and green cereal would look like disconcertingly colorful rigatoni and would taste like sour Froot Loops. Let me tell you, pasta-shaped, candy-flavored cereal isn’t something I knew I wanted until this very sentence, but now I absolutely need to try this before I die.

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I mean, Reese’s Puffs already exist—just add a dulce de leche ball to the mix of chocolatey and peanutty ones and, voila, Snickers cereal. As for the nougat, just throw in some of those cereal marshmallows and you’re golden. Think how phenomenal this mix would be. Plus, they could bring back the whole “you’re not you when you’re hungry” ad campaign but make it breakfast related. Ugh, those were some good ads. And this would be some good cereal.

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Wouldn’t this be grand? There are so many ways this creamy, tricolored candy could work as a cereal. Neapolitan Cocoa Puff-esque balls in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Or how about a tricolor/flavor Frosted Flakes situation, or plain Frosted Flakes but with Duvalin-flavored yogurt clusters—the possibilities are endless. All I know is that milk better taste like melted Neapolitan ice cream afterward or they have not successfully completed the mission.

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Easy. Raisin Bran +  Cocoa Puffs – Bran = Raisinets cereal.

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Gosh, I want this. It would be like Trix cereal but if each fruit had a specific shape AND unique fruit flavor. I am surprised they haven’t done this already (besides the whole “this would be super tough to manufacture” thing –minor issue if you ask me). Personally? This one lands high on the list of candies that should be cereals.

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They could have fun with a cereal based on this naked, chocolate-free candy bar. Imagine coin-shaped cereal pieces with a vague relief image of the (as yet to be decided) cereal mascot’s face on them. As for the taste, they should make ’em peanut buttery and salty as heck with a honey-frostedness to make our hearts sing with PB goodness that rivals joy of payday (the real one where you get money).

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Nestlé Crunch

I’m thinking something like Cocoa Puffs and Rice Krispies sold together in one box. I know that Cocoa Puffs are General Mills and Rice Krispies are Kellogg’s, so this would be the biggest crossover event of the century, but imagine what would happen if they did this. Not only would we get a super interesting, texturally varied cereal, we would also get world peace (in cereal world, that is). In the name of breakfast, let’s give peace a chance.

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