Grocery Run with Mythical’s Chase Hilt: Shop His Grocery List

Chase Hilt is the Supervising Producer of Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link and Mythical’s resident sweet boy. He’s a big part of the action behind the scenes, though you probably know him best for his work in front of the camera. Learn a little more about Chase by taking a look at his grocery routine!

Chase’s Grocery List:

Trader Joe’s

Healthy Snacks
Frozen Pizza
Frozen Quesadilla
Sweetened Dried Orange Slices


Cat Food
Toilet Paper

Vermicelli Noodles
Chicken Broth

Chase doesn’t go to the grocery store as often as many people do because his “main grocery store for most of [his] adult life has been Mythical!” Between the taste tests happening at GMM, Mythical Kitchen, and Sporked, there’s always food around Mythical HQ. We do our best to waste as little food as possible, so employees are always taking leftovers home. “I love that we try really hard not to waste food, so I often take leftover food home from GMM shoots, MK shoots, and now Sporked taste tests,” Chase says. “Seriously, I feel like I’m not great at grocery shopping because so much of my pantry consists of Mythical’s bounty.”

When he does go to the grocery store, though, he likes Trader Joe’s. He prefers its “smaller selection because it kind of reins [him] in.” As you can see above, his grocery lists aren’t usually very specific. He’s on the hunt for items that fit into broad categories like “healthy snacks” or “drinks,” and TJ’s always has lots of options. Any time Trader Joe’s has the sweetened dried orange slices, he makes sure to grab a few bags. Lastly, he loves their “decent prices” and their flowers—”bonus tip for surprising your significant other!” Occasionally, he heads to Ralphs to pick up household necessities and some brand-specific culinary items.

There are a few things Chase always has on hand at home. He’s a hot sauce lover and he rotates between his three faves: Cholula, Tapatio, and Valentina. When it comes to cooking, fideo is a “staple dish” for Chase. This Mexican noodle soup requires vermicelli noodles, garlic, and chicken broth, so he always makes sure to grab those ingredients when he’s at the store.

He’s also a “sucker for a quick and easy frozen meal.” Frozen pizzas and quesadillas are his freezer staples.

When it comes to splurging, he goes for whiskey and coffee. He’s “not loyal to specific brands or regions, but [he likes] to try new coffees and whiskeys whenever [he gets] the chance!” Last but not least, he’s liable to pick up whatever fun seasonal treats he sees. If there’s a “Christmas dessert or a summer drink,” he’s trying it.

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