Cheap Party Snacks That Are Still Delicious

There are three things we at Sporked look for when putting together a party snack spread: simplicity that can be built upon, flavors that everyone loves, and a price point that lets us ball on a budget. We’ve dug into the Sporked archives to find the best cheap party snacks that’ll satisfy your guests and leave your wallet happy. Cheap doesn’t have to mean boring or bland. The next time the prospect of throwing a party has you rhetorically asking, “In this economy?!” check out this list.

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Kirkland Tortilla Strips ($5.71 for 3 lbs!)

Tortilla chips are the ultimate utility item of the party snack table. Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling basically wrote a love letter to Kirkland tortilla strips in her ranking of the best Costco snacks: “Perfect for dipping and scooping. They’re crispy and they taste like fresh, homemade chips. They are seasoned perfectly and good enough to eat alone, but also good to dip into things…” The praise is justified. These bad boys come in a three-pound bag, which may seem excessive, but when you’re dealing with a chip that’s a perfect vehicle for salsa, hummus, queso, spinach dip, etc., you’ll be glad you have a lot.

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Kirkland Signature Organic Roasted Pine Nut Hummus ($7.45 for 34 oz!)

Sure, you could make your own big batch of hummus, but why bother when you can get a gargantuan tub for just over seven bucks. In their ranking of Cosco Dips, senior writer Jordan Myrick wasn’t jazzed about the concept of pine nut hummus (why are we putting pine nuts in hummus??), but conceded that this is a good store-bought version. And with all the money you’re saving on the hummus itself, you can splurge on some extras to spice it up, like lemon juice, cayenne, cumin, paprika, and chili oil.

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El Mexicano Nacho Cheese Sauce ($2.98 for 15 oz!)

The best nacho cheese the Sporked crew tried during their nacho cheese taste test also happens to be a damn steal. “I would use this to make nachos or pour it over a chimichanga or just dip my fingers into it and consume it alone,” Jordan said of El Mexicano nacho cheese sauce. Since eating dip with your fingers is generally frowned upon at parties, this is where that big-ass bag of tortilla strips comes in handy. Or, hey, you could always put out a box of latex gloves from your PPE hoard to give your guests a sanitary way to indulge with their digits.

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Great Value Chicken Taquitos ($4.98 for 16!)

In her ranking of the best frozen taquitos, managing editor Gwynedd Stuart praised these for their use of peppers and seasoning to elevate the chicken in the filling—and for coming 16 to a box for less than five bucks. Really want to wow your pals? Pick up a hot dog roller and serve these suckers 7-Eleven style. After the party, you can offset the cost of the roller by selling these on the sidewalk outside of your apartment.

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Great Value Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips ($1.98 a bag!)

When you’re hosting a party, you have a million things to think about and you’ll never really get everything into place before your guests arrive. That’s why these chips come in clutch—they’re like a chip and dip in one. As Danny Palumbo wrote in his ranking of the best sour cream and onion chips, “Great Value’s sour cream and onion chips have a tangy and bold sour cream flavor, and a savory umami taste from the MSG.” At less than two bucks a bag, you can pick up a few so you have something to snack on while you put off the after-party cleanup.

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Great Value Homestyle Vanilla Ice Cream ($2.48 for 48 oz!)

Vanilla ice cream is the ultimate end-of-the-party crowd pleaser. In her ranking of the best vanilla ice cream, Justine likened Great Value’s Homestyle Vanilla Ice Cream to the kind that came in those tiny cups you used to get at school (which was delicious if you could get past the flavor of the little wooden spoon you had to use to eat it). Give your guests a flashback experience by pre-portioning the ice cream in little paper cups and pop ’em in the freezer. When the party is winding down, bust out the ice cream cups and some toppings for a build-a-sundae station that’ll end the night on a sweet note.

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