Galentine’s Day Party Snacks

Invented in 2010 by my personal role model and parks department deputy director extraordinaire Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day has since become a tentpole holiday for the ladies of this earth. You get to hang out with ya girls, eat SO many waffles, and just do whatever the heck you want in the absence of the male gaze. It’s really quite utopian. And while, yes, there will indeed be waffles on this list, even the Galentine’s menu needs some variety, so here are eight Galentine’s Day party snacks that we think would be a great fit for your swanky sisterly soirée.

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Krusteaz Belgian Waffles

I mean, come on. Waffles aren’t just a Galentine’s day party food, they are the Galentine’s day party food. And that’s fax. And if you don’t have the time, equipment, or patience to make waffles from scratch (we get it, you’re a working woman), these frozen Belgian waffles from Krusteaz just might do the trick. Speaking of what not to say about women, these frozen waffles “aren’t like the other frozen waffles.” Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick said that these waffles taste mind-blowingly close to homemade, from-scratch waffles, and when they tried one they said it was, “a little buttery, it has some sweetness and a lot of fluff.” I mean they aren’t from J.J.’s, but I personally think Leslie would approve of this Galentine’s Day party snack.

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Clover Sonoma Sweetened Whipped Topping

It simply would not be Galentine’s Day without the appropriate amount of whipped cream. That is to say, all of it. And if you are going to be downing alarming amounts of whipped cream (a true requirement of the holiday), then it may as well be the good stuff. Jordan points out that “Clover makes incredibly rich and luxurious dairy products, and their whipped cream is no different.” My mom agrees—there is always some Clover whipped cream in her fridge. And since my mom is usually right about most things, I feel like we should just follow her lead on this one.

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Pearl Milling Company Original Syrup

Leslie Knope may be a whipped cream fiend, but she’s also been known to chug (I mean douse waffles with) maple syrup. And again, if you are going to be syruping your delightful waffles up to Leslie Knope standards, then you better make sure your syrup is delicious in large quantities. Pearl Milling absolutely delivers on this. Jordan called this one “the syrup,” and said that even just opening the bottle smelled like breakfast. As for the flavor? This syrup was “buttery and sweet and a little salty. The level of maple was powerful without being overwhelming.” As the saying goes, get a bottle of this and “TREAT YO SELF 2023, IT’S THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

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More Whipped Cream

Whatever amount you just put on that waffle is simply not enough. Come on, make TV’s favorite Deputy Director of Operations at the United States Department of the Interior proud.

Double Stuf Oreos

What can I say, we gals love Oreos. So if you are looking for Galentine’s Day party food ideas, go get you some Double Stuf Oreos. I mean not only are these delicious, vegan, and perfectly chocolatey, but they are also a perfect metaphor for women in that they are iconic, everyone likes them, and each and every one of them is gorgeous inside and out. Every. Single. One of ‘em. As for how they taste, I mean you know (and if you don’t, why, man?). Jordan noted that the “ratio of cookie to cream in these is ideal and you still get the delicious Oreo flavor.” What more could you want?

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Takis Fuego

As much as it would please Leslie, in the real world, not all snacks can be sweet. And if we must come up with a Galentine’s Day party snack idea that is savory, delicious, and emblematic of the holiday, Takis are it. They’re spicy (like Galentine’s Day conversation), red (like the blood of our enemies … I mean like hearts and strawberries—what?), salty (like some people about their relationship status on Valentine’s Day), and rolled into a taquito shape (just like girls’ tongues around straws when they don’t want to ruin their bright red Galentine’s Day lipstick). As Jordan pointed out in their ranking of the best Takis flavors, “Spice and sourness are perfectly balanced in this version of Takis,” and they really are correct. Takis are truly the best, so show your gal pals what you think of them by giving them a snack to match.

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Simply Orange Pulp-Free

Galentine’s Day is often a brunchy affair which means ~mimosas~ are in order! And since half of the drink (or let’s be real, most of it) is the juice (it has the juice), the juice has to be on point. This Simply Orange Pulp-Free juice truly is. Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling called this OJ “tart, tangy, but not too acidic,” and also said it was delicious, bright, and not too sweet. What more could you want alongside your giant pile of waffles? Celebrate the amazing women in your life right and spring for the good juice—y’all deserve it.

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Joe Biden

On a true list of Galentine’s Day ~snacks~, he must be on here. Just ask Leslie Knope 😉

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